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Danbury, CT 06810
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Bethel, CT
Some caregivers are really terrific and others not so good.

Bethel, CT
During these crazy times of getting help, my Mom has been lucky with some of the quality of her aide assistance. My Mom has had a great experience. Great follow up from the staff/manager.

New Milford, CT
Joyce has been amazing with my 81 y/o mom. Devon was extremely kind and compassionate on the intake appointment.

Hamden, CT
Our primary caregiver, Rose, has been fabulous. She engages with my wife unlike some people who merely sit silently and wait for something to be needed. She is personable, caring, and punctual. I don't have experience with any other employees of ComForCare, so it's hard to know if I just got lucky.

Hamden, CT
I appreciate the particular person who is working with us 5 days a week. I could wish for the company's phone number to identify themselves because I screen my calls to avoid scams and sales people. Thus I missed a call from them about them having a second person to help 2 days a week. And when I didn't pick up the phone call, I wish they had sent me an email which I faithfully check several times a day. If they had, I would have been able to have the extra help I'm looking for.

Danbury, CT
The person take care of my loved ones is great.

Ridgefield, CT
My Mother's caregiver and the other people who work at Comfort Care are very concientious and kind. They really do care.

Brookfield, CT
I know I don't make it easy on them, but Ettr and Julie are always trying to find compatible caregivers to work with me. Magdelin is amazing, and I'm so thankful that they sent her my way!

Bethel, CT
Devon is amazing ! Very organized and provides exemplary service! All of the aids that help my mom are terrific and very kind. They really care about my mom. Especially Tahsheka who is so wonderful and works hard with my mom. We love her and she is a big part of our family. Ellie is also really terrific! She truly helps us and is persevering under all circumstances. They have helped her move forward in her care and healing. We love them equally as wonderful and I feel safe with them taking exemplary care of her. Very happy with your agency. Thank you all.

Danbury, CT
You need to pay your people more money.