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3415 E. Imperial Highway 2nd Floor
Brea, California 92823
(714) 706-3025
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Recent Reviews:

August 21, 2017
Great facility and teachers.
August 20, 2017
Friendly instructors who really care about their yogi students!
August 20, 2017
Fullerton, CA
I absolutely love Core Power Yoga. The teachers in Brea are so welcoming. They make it a community, I thought after Chelsea left things would be different. Ally is amazing and I love her energy. Core Power has changed my life.
August 19, 2017
Yorba Linda, CA
I love classes taught by Veronika Adams and Anu Patel!
August 19, 2017
Brea, CA
Everything! I haven't found a thing I dislike about it yet! The amenities are amazing and the staff is extremely nice and well-prepared! :)
August 18, 2017
Placentia, CA
Great classes
August 17, 2017
Brea, CA
Facility is very clean and the staffs are friendly and helpful.
August 17, 2017
Tustin, CA
I really enjoy your yoga sculpt class and poor restore class! I do wish non-heated yoga classes were offered. I've been practicing yoga for quite some time and I have never enjoyed hot yoga.
August 15, 2017
Brea, CA
Natalie is amazing!! We will come back because of her... her kindness & understanding of our needs was perfect! Very kind lady & a great teacher and asset to your place!
August 14, 2017
Yorba Linda, CA pressure, great vibe...I love the instructors and the company
August 12, 2017
Yorba linda, CA
Calm relaxing environment, instructors know how to flow into the yoga poses. Pushes you to work harder but also respecting your limits. Love the friendly staff and service, definitely will recommend to friends and definitely will be coming back
August 11, 2017
Placentia, CA
The classes and schedule times and instructors are great
August 10, 2017
Yorba Linda, CA
Very clean, instructors are awesome, easy to follow along. A big variety of classes are available all day. The front desk was patient and friendly. Bathroom facilities were extremely clean and pretty. I would highly recommend this business.
August 10, 2017
Garden grove, CA
Friendly staff
August 9, 2017
Dig the vibe and both instructors we've had. From my experience, in order to make the experience transcendental, you need a guide. We've attended two classes to date and have really enjoyed the experiences. The classes have been great and that is attributed to the instructors talking us through the experience in the appropriate tone. The message is just as important as the movements: let go. It's an extremely important lesson and one that needs to be repeated constantly as humans tend to forget quickly and carry negative memories and energy with them wherever we go. Let it go. It's a mantra. A koan. Repeated enough times it becomes an entry point into another dimension. Keep that in mind. Pass that along to the class. All of us slog along each day, the class is a place for us to shed all of it and reemerge clean. To me, that's the purpose.
August 8, 2017
Anaheim, CA
Great classes! Friendly & informative teachers
August 5, 2017
Brea, CA
CorePower teachers are the best! Skilled yoga practitioners, kind and inspirational. Just right! My favorite teachers are Anu, David, Minsun, John, Hannah, Shari and Alli. The studio is clean and comfortable. The merchandise is awesome and the sales are appreciated! I would appreciate a save the date board with the upcoming events and happenings listed as far in advance as possible. I would like to attend a yoga philosophy and a meditation class. Thanks CorePower for a wonderful yoga experience.
August 4, 2017
La Habra, CA
Very professional and clean staff and facilities. Adjustments in class were subtle and effective!
August 2, 2017
Placentia, CA
July 31, 2017
The instructors were really great and work out was always awesome will definitely be going back!