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1616 Walnut Street, Lower Level
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
(215) 515-2440
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Recent Reviews:

Philadelphia, PA
great classes that are both accessible and challenging; understanding, motivating, and knowledgeable instructors; variety of class times - I usually prefer to come later in the day

Huntingdon Valley, PA
friendly staff!

Philadelphia, PA
All of the yogasculpt instructors have led challenging and fun classes!

Philadelphia, PA
C2 and HPF. HPF morning classes were removed and it’s very hard to find them in the schedule. very upsetting.

The instructors, the variety and number of classes offered. Love that sculpt is now offered every weekday morning at 6am.

Philadelphia, PA
Brian and Brett are lights of my life

Philadelphia, PA
I love your yoga sculpt classes and how clean the studio always feels. Also everyone is super nice! I wish you had another location as Rittenhouse is always hard for parking but otherwise big fan :)

I really enjoy the teacher I had in class. That is what brought me to the class! It is also a very clean facility.

Washington, DC
Clean locker room, big studios, great workout. I would like if the teachers were less scheduled- it can feel like they’re just reading a script which isn’t really what yoga is about. Still great workout though

Cherry Hill, NJ
Everything has been wonderful, from the instructors to the amount of classes. My work schedule is constantly changing so I really enjoy the flexibility with the amount of classes!!!!

Philadephia, PA
This class is such a good workout, the music is awesome, and I always feel mentally and physically revitalized when I leave.

Lancaster, PA
It's all great, but a bit pricy for me to me able to get to your studio very often. Thanks for a GREAT class, though!

This is me time! And I adore my instructors.

Great and relaxing class. Modifications always given

Philadelphia, PA
Management and instructors are excellent, they are Informative and attentive. Classes are fun and challenging. Studio is always well organized and clean.

Your staff are amazing. Friendly, welcoming environment.

Chicago, IL
I was in Philly on a work trip and dropped in for a class. The woman at the front desk was beyond welcoming and accommodating, making me feel like it was my home studio. I love that I can go anywhere and get the same level and expectation of class, AND that same feeling of community. Thank you!

Philadelphia, PA
Clean, well run classes, great teachers

Austin, TX
CorePower yoga on walnut is one of my favorite places to practice because all of the instructors are extremely kind and very attentive. I love the sense of community at this location. It’s very inviting and I always look forward to going. I love the vast variety in practice as well. I never feel like I’m going to the same class even if I predominantly attend C2. It’s such an intense workout and I feel like I’m provided an environment that allows me to challenge myself as much as I desire that day.

Philadelphia, PA
I like the yoga classes themselves.. that they are a little more focused on core work and a good workout than just mellow yoga. Branding is done well.