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5365 Primrose Lake Circle,
Tampa, Florida 33647
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The staff and leadership are dedicated

It is a nice place for Kids overall growth. Staff are really friendly/knowledgeable and they acknowledge diversified culture. Hygiene standards are good. Looking forward to see more positive changes in coming year.

The teachers really care and my son is always so happy to go to school! It helps ease my worry over leaving him to go to work

The School is super clean and well maintained. Hard To Find this level Of Cleanliness in other places. The Classrooms are Big and have Lots Of Toys And games To Keep The Children busy And also provide A Good learning atmosphere. The teachers Are Nice and friendly and if you tell Them Anything they make sure Your Concerns are well Taken care Of.

My son has so much fun at school he doesn't even realize he's learning. I love the many interactive activities like writing letters in slime and other substances. The teachers are very caring and patient with the children and make learning fun!

I am very pleased with your school. Your educational program is amazing and my child is thriving in your environment.

I’m happy with the fact that my daughter is learning and is excited about going to daycare. I really hope the sch continue to grow and expand in their educational programs because learning can never be too much. We’ve been at the sch since April and I must say Ms Jamie, Paola, Dawn and Kayla have been really great with my baby girl.

Very nice caring ...

Everyone is so family friendly and my daughter learns so much she amazes me at what she shows me she has learned. She even sings her abc's and. 123's with me. I absolutely love Creative World.

I love the teachers and the prompt feedback on how my daughter is doing throughout the day. The pictures that I am sent through the app show me how much fun my daughter is having and give me piece of mind that she is receiving the best quality of care.

Loving Ann caring staff

The Director genuinely cares about the students and teachers and is very knowledgeable about child development.

I love how the teachers treat the children like family.

Since the change in leadership at the end of December 2018, there has been such a positive change in the environment at Creative World - Tampa Palms! Jaime and Melissa have been an absolute breath of fresh air and work together seamlessly. Their passion for the children and those who work at Creative World is evident in all that they do. They are always bouncing from room to room doing what they can to help the teachers' classes run more smoothly. I also love that they take time to talk with parents to make sure their voices are heard. The only thing that would make Creative World an even better daycare for my son is to open up the next room for children who are two and a half and older. My son just turned two and sometimes a little overwhelmed by the other children who are closer to three. The kids who are closer to three have not yet fully grasped a full sense of self-awareness, and sometimes I worry that my son might get run over or accidentally hurt by one of the older kids. The teachers are doing everything in their power to make the almost over-flowing ratio work, but there needs to be more space for the older kids to play and the younger kids to grow, especially with so many kids getting ready to move up to the next room on the back wall. Overall, we have been very happy the last few months with the positive changes we have been seeing and we are happy to be part of the Creative World Family!

The programs and staff in the school are wonderful and promote learning and development of the children I see a positive change in my child in a matter of weeks after starting this program.

Great teachers and staff. My daughter loves going to VPK and loves her teacher.

My kid enjoys the activities in school. She loves the outdoor game and creative space in school.

The classrooms and Exploratorium are equipped to help keep the children intrigued. The teachers and staff are also all very caring. We love seeing the new things our little one has learned each day.

I really appreciate that I can get pictures and updates through out the day on what my child is eating and participating in. I also like thay there is set educational learning activities every day. The school is also very clean, organized, and well maintained.

I like the following about Creative World: Cleanliness of the facility Professionalism and passion of Management and Teaching staff. The curriculum and the overall conceptual design of the facility makes it more provoking for children to explore and learn.