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June 15, 2017
Everything! My child has and continues to learn so much. His teachers are amazing and the staff is so welcoming. We love it!
May 30, 2017
I love how welcoming everyone was at Creative World when we arrived. Moving can be very stressful, especially with young children. From our initial conversations to the tour, it felt like where we should be and my son has always felt very comfortable. The teachers are very loving towards our son and very transparent about what his daily activities are. We wouldn't go anywhere else.
May 22, 2017
Creative World has been a true blessing to my family. When I first brought my daughter a couple of years ago, I was a nervous mommy. I wasn't used to my children having to be away from home in any form of daycare/preschool setting. The staff was more than welcoming and made my daughter comfortable and feel at home. This gave me a sense of ease and I was able to go on about my daily routines without worry. The staff is amazing, everyone is 100% engaged and the curriculum is fantastic.
May 16, 2017
I like all the staff and teachers are very friendly and of course, creative. Most definitely recommend to others. Especially Ms. Monica.
May 11, 2017
We absolutely love the teachers and how welcoming the staff is. Everyone is welcoming, kind, it truly feels like family!
May 10, 2017
I love that it feels more like a family and not just a school. The ap is something I live by! When I had my first work trip away from my infant the teachers took extra pictures and wrote little notes, making each day easier. I can fully focus at work knowing my children are in such great hands. For educational programs I believe my preschooler is ahead of her peers because of the well thought out programs and lessons taught to the children.
May 9, 2017
Creative World cares about kids and gives the enriching play they need to grow educationally. We love it:)
May 9, 2017
I enjoy the staff and their politeness and their kindness towards our family. I enjoy the communication throughout the school year of what the children are working on.
May 9, 2017
I have been extremely happy with Ms. Amber, Ms. Sue, Ms. Karen and Ms. Bri. I appreciate the pictures that are sent and the focus on creativity and learning. I believe my child has learned multiple skills from CW and the classes he has been a part of so far. I truly hope that the care, creativity and diligence continues as my child moves up throughout the years. This is extremely important to me along with other parents who I have spoken with. Thank you!
May 9, 2017
Creative World is wonderful. They are so personal and my son loves it there!
May 9, 2017
Everyone is so friendly! My son absolutely loves going to school there!
May 9, 2017
Responsible staff, good educational curriculum friendly environment.
May 9, 2017
My children are thriving at Creative World! My 4-year-old son has been attending for about 4 months now and has already learned to write! My 3-year-old daughter has a great time at school learning and discovering new things. They both are sad to leave each day and eager to return. They love to share with everyone the exciting new things they have learned at school.
May 9, 2017
We are so happy we moved our son to Creative World, he is very happy with the teachers and his classmates. The team of educators are outstanding and our son has really learned a lot since he started at this school. I love that his teacher has one class all day and she really can focus on the students. We also love that they move around the school from the Exploratory to the gym/outside and to the classroom. We feel it keeps our son engaged longer and allows him to learn more each day. We love the pictures and the daily reports.
April 28, 2017
CWS Plainfield has been a wonderful learning environment and community for our family. Our children thrive in the care of dedicated teachers who always bring fresh ideas and creativity to their classes and activities. Our toddler loves CWS and has since his earliest days. Our infant has been enrolled for the past 2 months and is showing strides in social, emotional, verbal, and cognitive capabilities. I know this due in large part to the care he receives daily. As a parent, I'm always amazed by the friendliness of the staff and the constant communication and feedback we receive, both electronically through the parent portal app and verbally. Each day we are welcomed with smiles. We love that our children are nurtured and loved in a bright and cheerful place, where learning and fun happens naturally. We couldn't be happier with our experience at CWS!
April 11, 2017
The teachers genuinely care about our children and is reflected in the love our kids have going to school.
April 3, 2017
I love the staff, extra fun programs, focus on early education, and the beautiful school itself!
March 29, 2017
The hours being open from 6:30-6:30 having no family to help with child care is a life saver for our family
March 14, 2017
Lots of activities for families to get involved and participate. We haven't been able to make most of them but I appreciate the availability. :) Also lots of staff, everyone responds so fast to any emails or requests!
February 28, 2017
The kids are exposed to a variety of information but is kept fun for them. There is always one activity that's open to all in the family to attend making the kids social. I like the convenience of having extra activities the kids can participate in on site. That makes life easy for parents who are at work. Best of all the staff are very friendly. My son loves his teachers and friends at school.