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13239 Portal Drive Suite 103
La Vista, NE 68138
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Papilion, NE
We are long time customers! We brought Grace to Dogtopia starting in 2009 when she was 12 WEEKS old for daycare while we worked long days. Now we are retired & Grace is 12 YEARS old. We use Dogtopia for Boarding when we are away. On Grace’s most recent stay, the staff went above & beyond to keep her safe. She has a back condition, needs rest & can’t do rough housing any longer 😢 We so appreciate the special accommodations for our now “senior Beagle”. Dogtopia is the BEST 🎉

Omaha, NE
Great customer service: they know how to handle our energetic 4month old pup. Our puppy definitely enjoyed the meet and greet and will be a loyal member for this daycare because she very much loved it.

Omaha, NE
Your staff are all so friendly. I liked being able to look for Wendy on the webcams - she was always busy and seemed to have a buddy she played with most. She slept hard that when we got home. I’ll definitely bring her back.

Omaha, NE
Our dog gets a ton of exercise and positive interactions with dogs and people! I love that I can look in on him at any time.

Omaha, NE
Easy friendly and take good care of my dog. When I travel amd leave her with you I don't worry about her and I like the ability to see her on the camera occasionally.

Omaha, NE
The people are friendly and showed interest in my puppy. I really like the cameras in the playrooms so I could see if my little guy was making friends!

Papillion, NE
Puppy burns off extra energy.

Papillion, NE
All staff I interacted with were kind and attentive, especially when I was asking all kinds of newbie questions. Each time I saw a staff member with Penny they responded to her excitement with joy, love and pets. Glad I found Dogtopia, I was really nervous about boarding Penny, but not anymore! I will definitely use them in the future.

Elkhorn, NE
Natalie is the best!!! So glad she was willing to help us get our beloved dogger cleaned up and back ito beautiful ! What a difference.

omaha, NE
Great place

louisville, NE
My dog enjoys the socialization and we enjoy having a tired dog in the evening

Bellevue, NE
I left my dog, Kora, at Dogtopia for a couple of days while on a short stay in KC. My son picked her up on Saturday morning and everything seems in order. When I got home Saturday afternoon she was definitely all over me and really attached. I will definitely introduce her to some daycare activities before dropping her off to stay for a few nights, so it won't be a shock to her next time. Kora was treated to a bath w/ some "me time" and she smelled terrific!

Papillion, NE
They were able to accommodate two nights of boarding last minute while I had a work emergency. The staff was super friendly as well.

La Vista, NE
The dogs get to free play most of the day & are not kenneled all day.

Omaha, NE
Love how your staff works to know all your dogs names!

Papillion, NE
Staff is amazing! Oliver loves going to Dogtopia & we love knowing he is loved and having fun!

Papillion, NE
Always excellent service and our pets always come home happy.

Omaha, NE
I really like that they have you bring in your dog to be evaluated prior to bringing them in for daycare. They are always with the dogs not just letting them run unattended and they pay attention for potential issues between the dogs and separate them when needed. My dog was under socialized prior to me adopting her and this is a great environment for her to get socialized not only with other dogs but also with other people!

Papillion, NE
Very friendly and welcoming, very good with my dogs!

I love that my dog loves to go to Dogtopia . The people that greet Luke make a big fuss over him and he loves it. He thinks he’s the only dog there. Luke also loves having Natalie groom him. He’s always happy to see her! She also does a great job.