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12920 W. Bluemond Road
Elm Grove, WI 53122
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Recent Reviews:

Therapist recommended what to do with facial lesions. Most helpful.

Great therapists although maybe too many members. Difficult to schedule time in a reasonable period. Did not use to have that problem.

lanon, WI
Marty did a great job! 10/10 would recommend her!

New Berlin, WI
The massage was a gift for my husband’s birthday. The experience was great and he felt very relaxed after his massage.

Everyone is friendly and Martie is great!

Brookfield, WI
My first visit was great. I went in with tense, tight shoulders and neck and when I was done I could feel the tension and tightness was alleviated

Excellent people work here. The therapists and the customer service people. Cleanliness is at the highest level.

Fontana, WI
Excellent massage!

Friendly, professional, excellent massages, on time, clean. Alesia is my therapist and she is incredibly gifted as a therapist.

West Allis, WI
In general I am very happy with Elements. I have seen a few therapists (Garrett and Beth) and they are both great. I did have a slightly strange experience with Ben. He came highly recommended and I was really looking forward to it. My massage started out great. I do have anxiety (which I told Ben before we started) and had to stop 20min in to ask for a drink of water as I was starting to feel shaky and anxious. I'm sure a release of lots of pent up stress and emotions. He seemed rushed after that. He didn't stop at all to ask if I was ok and if I was ready to go on. A bit later, he was working on an area that was being stubborn and said kinda frustrated "you need to work harder at relaxing" and moved on. Little did he know, I counted my in breath and out breath throughout the ENTIRE 90min time to really work hard at relaxing. The energy definitely shifted after that and the rest of the massage felt very rushed. Abrupt movements to move my arms from under the sheet and back. I couldn't wait to get out of there. It's unfortunate that I had this experience. His pressure was great and he definitely knows what he's doing. I just didn't appreciate the disregard for my needs. I did not feel very relaxed leaving.

I love Elements! My husband and I had a membership in the past -- and we may consider another one in the near future. However, I have to say that I had a therapist that I believe was doing Reiki on me as he referred to "my energy sources" . That is not what I was expecting as I thought I had signed up for a massage. If Elements offer Reiki services, that is fine, but it that is not what I requested. I wanted a massage. During my massage time, he put his fingers in my ears -- very uncomfortable and weird.

Easy to book. Comfortable rooms. Therapist who tailors sessions every time.

Friendly and attentive staff.

Maryellen is superb. Have been coming to Elements for over a year. Highly recommended.

The staff @ Elements Massage are very accurate with needs of client and they are considerate to the requirements for each patient. In my case, my massage therapist Laurie is very attentive and knows exactly what my specific needs are because of my condition. She applies the correct pressure throughout the entire appointment. She is fantastic and I would recommend her to anyone looking to get a massage for the first time.

Competent, professional, on time, Hannah is the massage therapist I look for.

The variability of different therapists with optimal therapeutic services.

Wauwatosa, WI
Well trained, experienced staff

The massage I had.

Very personable and professional services.