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3209 E. 57th Avenue, #H
Spokane, WA 99223
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Spokane, WA
Excellent massage Professional Cleanliness Friendly service Close to home

I’ve had multiple histories of massages and my back pain usually returns the following day, but this time I feel so much better. My masseuse really knew what she was doing and worked out my knots, stiffness, and pain. I definitely recommend this place! Thank you!

Tracy gave me a fantastic massage. It was a soothing and professional environment, as well. But most of all, she listened to my needs and exceeded my expectations.

Kelly was very professional and exceptionally skilled

Everyone was incredibly friendly and did everything they could to ensure my experience was the best it could be!

First massage for me, after much urging by my wife. Angelo was amazing! Very positive experience. I will be back.

Awesome Service.

Appointment on time and the therapist was wonderful! She took care of my most painful areas.

Convenience and the incredible team!


Received an excellent massage in a relaxing environment.

Dear Elements Massage Spokane South Management Team and owners Steve & Linda Sparks, I was very disappointed to recently learn that Elements will no longer be billing insurance for massage treatment. As a new mom with scoliosis getting massage treatment has made a major difference in reducing my back pain and I have really appreciated the incredible care and support I've gotten from my massage therapist, Kelly, and the Elements staff. The fact that Elements also continues to require masks and takes Covid safety precautions so seriously also makes it one of the few businesses I've felt safe visiting during the Covid pandemic. I wrote a glowing Yelp review on what an incredible massage therapist Kelly is and the great experience I've had at Elements and have recommended Elements to several of my friends and colleagues at Eastern Washington University over the past year since becoming a client. With a new baby on a fixed income as a state college teacher I'm concerned and disappointed that I won't be able to afford continuing to get regular massage therapy treatment at Elements anymore under these new changes. When I spoke with the receptionist at Elements he mentioned the possibility of me submitting a claim to my insurance for reimbursement but unfortunately when I spoke with my Regence Uniform Classic Insurance plan they said that my benefits only include in-network providers so none of my massage therapy would be covered if Elements is no longer accepting insurance as an in-network provider. I'm writing to ask whether you might reconsider the policy changes, at least for current clients. I know that many of my EWU colleagues (many of whom are under the same insurance plan), are disappointed and concerned about the recent changes to insurance billing as well and how that might impact their ability to access quality massage treatment if insurance is no longer accepted. As public employees on fixed incomes it's challenging trying to find affordable, reputable massage therapy providers in the area offering your quality of care, service and Covid safety precautions. With insurance no longer being accepted I won't be able to continue to afford coming as often as I do to seek massage treatment. I understand that Wellness Program members are having difficulty finding massage therapy appointments which I've heard from your staff is part of what inspired this change. I also know dealing with insurance companies can be difficult and time-consuming. I understand the challenges this might cause to the business, but I'm hoping there might be other options that could be tried before denying accepting any insurance for existing clients altogether such as giving Wellness Program members priority scheduling, even limiting the number of massages available to be covered to current clients on insurance (but at least allowing some to be covered by insurance to help ease the financial impact on current clients), etc. If those aren't viable alternatives I'm wondering if offering public employees a discounted "government rate" like many other businesses do for teachers and other government employees on a fixed income might be an option you would consider. I'm concerned that by no longer accepting insurance this will primarily negatively impact those on fixed incomes and seniors and will prevent them from getting the treatment they need. Thank you for all you do for your patients and for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, [NAME REMOVED]

Ingrid always provides an amazing massage. She is very caring and always checks in with you. I look forward to my monthly massages from her!

Spokane, WA
Brittany was fantastic! I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants a quality massage!

Valleyford, WA
Elements Southhill is Very clean and professional. The check in process and reminder texts are great. Brandon provides excellent massage therapy and is engaged in developing new techniques for his clients.

Serene atmosphere. Well trained masseuses.

Brittani is awesome. She is very intuitive I love the reminders of our appointments. Everyone is so professional and sweet. Rooms are always neat and tidy

Great staff!

Easy check in and check out

I had a wonderful time at Elements. I got it as a gift for my birthday and made another on for next month. I will become a member, I literally walked out of my session feeling 3 feel off the ground, stood up straighter, and my body felt lighter. It's hard to explain just who amazing I felt. I've had quite a few massages and I can say without a doubt, this was by far the best one I've ever had!! I can't wait till my next appointment.