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First doctor that actually listened to me and linked my symptoms to make a plan. Very happy and hopeful!

Level of detail and dedication

Ny, NY
Dr. Elena is a great doctor. Extremely knowledgeable, intuitive, and takes time with her patients to understand their needs. Very nice office staff as well. I've been seeing Dr. Klimenko for 10 years. Highly recommended.

I love that the Doctors take the time to explain tests results and how it affects overall health and how it may be associated to symptoms or illness/disease you have. The staff are very friendly and helpful when you call or visit the office; clear and prompt communication between the team and I via the portal or if a call back is required. Lastly, the treatment plan works; i stated seeing a difference in my health and that re-assured me that i made the right decision choosing Dr. K.

Everyone was very helpful.

1. I like the modalities of all the services you offer. 2. While the portal is not easy to get used to, we were able to enter a dialogue that made sense and was fulfilled. Besides being a highly qualified physician, Doctor Klimenko is a counselor and the motto Healthy, Wealthy and Wise is most appropriate,

I like how the approach to care is to test first and dig deeper if we don’t find the answer. Dr K was the only Dr that kept testing and looking deeper.

A holistic approach to wellness and health. I am always in good hands at Healthy Wealthy and Wise. I feel as if I’ve been given years back to my life but the best is the education that comes with it so your journey continuously improves for life.

She has extensive knowledge about health and has provided excellent care for me when my conventional doctors. In fact, he treatment has enabled me to take a much healthier and safer path than their treatment which would compound my health issues.

Dr. Elena Klimenko is incredible. She combines expertise and willingness to connect, investigate, discuss, and deliver treatment that works. She is also lovely to speak with at every appointment. My search for knowledgeable doctor is over! HIGHLY recommend.

Very thorough. Takes a lot of time with the patient. Very accommodating. Excellent support.

Doing a great job. Thank you. would recommend the clinic to other

I appreciated the doctor studying all my paper work and her thoughts and advice on what to do. I felt that the office could have used my insurance for the ekg. I hope I can communicate over the phone because I should have been born 50 years later than I was. I am only very stupid when it has to do with communicating with others on my iPad. Please try to have patients with me,it is to easy for you I am sure. Be well speak soon.

Friendly and clean. Very approachable

Very professional office & the doctor was extremely thorough,

Dr. Klimenko took the time to learn about my health history, and to learn about me. She is very personable. I like that Dr. Klimenko is very thorough in her examining me, our discussion about my health, and the blood work that she sent me to get.

how extremely effective is Dr. Klimenko’s treatment She is always willing to go beyond to help and the care from the staff. very friendly and knowledgeable

She was extremely knowledgeable and spent a significant amount time with me understanding my concerns . She provided a clear plan that i am excited to begin along with resources to help me succeed .

Dr. Klimenko is a true professional at what she does. She takes her time and always delivers the best results.

Personal good listening relaxed office Knowledgeable Sensitive Many good things !