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Recent Reviews:

Dr. Klimenko is an amazing clinician: attentive to every symptom, every complaint, never missing a detail and has solid, deep knowledge in various areas of medicine. I have never met a more competent doctor.

I love everything. Wonderful and Amazing experience!

Very attentive, knowledgeable, and her. Good Service and reasonable prices

Drk has a lot of knowledge and does a lot of good testing. Good follow-up too.

All your concerns addressed by one doctor. I am very impressed by the quality of services and by the output. I trust my health to Dr. Elena Klimenko completely knowing that I have found the best health advisor possible.

It’s very thorough investigative approach of past present and future health Continuous follow-up and treatment

Dr. Klimenko is very thorough and focus her attention to details. She is also very caring.

Cutting edge holistic healthcare informed, but not enslaved by, the Western medical model.

I felt very comfortable with the entire process. The receptionist was very kind and welcoming. As well as the doctor was very kind and she listened to what I had to say about my concerns and issues.

Only one appointment but so far I like Dr Klimenko’s strong intellect and awesome personality!

Dr. Klimenko offers a payment plan in monthly installments that makes her services more affordable to people who have a restricted budget. I also like how responsive Dr. Klimenko and her team are to all of my concerns and how I can access all of my medical-related information and records all in one place so that I can not only retrieve it all anytime I want but to use it as a tool to communicate clearly with her and her team. Even though there is a fee involved with asking questions via the portal, it isn't an exorbitant charge like $100+ per question.

Dr. Klimenko is a master of her trade. She is also kind and caring. I can go on and on and on. I am crazy about her! She has helped me greatly.

Dr. Klimenko is exactly the doctor you want to go to when you know something is wrong and no other doctor takes the time to fully investigate. As a generally healthy women, I experienced brain fog and fatigue. It did not make sense. After Dr. Klimenko's thorough exam, she was able to find the underlying source of what was creating these symptoms. Dr. Klimenko took the time to explain everything to me and create a personalized treatment plan. I felt like I was in great hands from day one.

Attention to detail, persistence in finding the cause of the symptoms, and the staff is superb.

High level of service, very knowledgable personnel, good initiatives, like detox program (even though it can be perfected considering up-front information, especially with regards to personalization).

Very knowledgeable and empathetic doctor with access to most up to date tests and treatment options.

Excellent physician, great knowledge in traditional and alternative medicine. She cares, follows and replies promptly. Thank you dr Klimenko !

Dr. Klimenko is an amazing doctor.

Only Doctor that is interested in understanding my medical condition and prescribing me a plan for recovery rather than prescription drugs.

De Klimenco as well as her staff are knowledgeable, professional, your questions are answer promptly, orders are processed fast and everyone is always willing to help out when you have concerns. I recommend their practice highly.