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New York, NY 10016
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Very personalized

so far very good.

I am astounded at how concise and encompassing is the workup and treatment. The patient is kept informed and assisted to. This is a learning experience for me.

The doctor is very knowledgeable about her practice. She is always respectful and on time. Her staff are courteous as well. I’ve been her patient for 11 years!

Dr. Klimenko provides a natural approach to assessing your health issues on a payment plan that is more affordable than other naturopathic physicians I've found in the NY Metro area. I also like the fact that a nutritionist is included in the monthly cost of this plan as well since after all, food is medicine, it's a necessary foundation for tackling your health issues (!) In terms of having Dr. Klimenko specifically as my primary doctor, I love how she directly educates me on my health situation by drawing up her charts and other data on what is going on deep inside your body at a micro-level. Microbiology was not my strong subject while in high school so she exhibited a lot of trust, and patience while describing my test results with me and even repeating the same material over the course of a year. I have a lot of respect for her on how she maintains her composure and remains objective when describing my health issues and solutions to them and I am always learning a lot from her. And of course, in the process of all of this, she makes me feel so much more self-confident and in better control of my health than any other physician I've ever had. If I didn't have her as my physician, I would have no understanding nor real sound solutions of turning around my health problems.

Dr is very patient and helps with all patient needs

Professional, Competent and very relevant treatment plan.

Dr. Klimenko is extremely thorough with her patients. She gets to know you on an individual level and focuses on your needs whether physical, emotional or spiritual. My office visits have been very accommodating and the office staff very welcoming, polite and courteous. So glad my search lead me to Dr. Klimenko.

individual touch. Everything about other doctors is by the book with this service it is personal and you are treated as a unique person.

Very kind and comprehensive consultation. Thank you

Dr Klimenko sincerely cares about her patient. She treats you as a person not a number, taking the time to really listen and then apply her knowledge and expertise to solve your health problems. Her team make a seamless transition supporting patients on their journey to better health.

Dr Klimenko is excellent

Very personable and knowledgeable doctor. Having the convenience of video visits is a plus

Dr. Klimenko is a fantastic doctor. She is extremely attentive to all details and all concerns. She goes above and beyond to help. She is very detailed and thorough in her examinations and looks at the whole person. She works to uncover the deep roots of health problems, not just what's on the surface. My entire family is very grateful to Dr. Klimenko.

Professionalism, thoroughness, happy with diagnostic

Very thorough, warm, friendly, attentive, great communication, listens to patients concerns, diverse services etc

I like the "do no harm" approach and healing from the root cause instead of treating symptoms.

Service at personal level

Peaceful surroundings. Friendly, professional service.

Dr. K is knowledgeable, professional, versatile & sincere.