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67 Suttle St Ste B
Durango, CO 81303
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Good solid people and business!

They’re easy to work with and their quality is always top notch.

product quality and good service

Fast and presentable products. Never once have I second guessed their quality. Jessica has always been professional and prompt !!

Your patience!!!

My designer was Jessica Sigillito. I feel I should share my experience with you because I have not had the same issues with other designers from this store. 1. She cancelled our first appointment 1/2 hour the morning before we were supposed to meet and did so via email, instead of calling, so I did not know until after waiting 20 minutes for her. When she didn't show, I then checked my emails to see that she asked to reschedule. Very unprofessional and disrespectful of my time. That 20 minutes is precious as a busy restaurant owner. This also delayed getting our job done sooner considering we needed it right away. 2. I went through 7 revision with her. One of which was a simple design change on my part, the rest were due to her negligence in reading my design request, spelling (not from the text I gave her, but on her part) and not looking over her designs before she sent them. She was very accommodating to rush our job through once it was approved but it shouldn't have taken as long as it did because of multiple revisions due to simple mistakes she should have caught as a designer. In your terms and conditions, it is made very clear that once we approve a proof, Fast Signs is not responsible for spelling errors, etc. Does that mean that your designers are not responsible for proofing their own work before they send it out? 3. The first revision was because she didn't read my email all the way through and just threw it together. 4. Her second design showed she was not considering our business's brand. She used a kayak paddle to separate our two options. We are a restaurant on a ranch (our name James Ranch Grill) . Maybe we if we were a boat house that would have fit with our brand. I had to suggest using barbed wire or just a plain line. 5. I had to have her revise the design two different times for spacing of sentences when she put the copy in. When I pointed it out to her, she changed the first sentence that I pointed out, but didn't even look over the rest of the design to see there were more! Really? Is it my job as the client to I had to point out each error that were from the same issue. It wasted my time to have to keep checking the proof as well as delayed the final project more. 6. I asked to have her add our WiFi once we were done with the design issues and even in that simple suggestion (which I had emailed exactly) she made a misspelling. I am aware that we all make mistakes, but either she is super busy and just can't take the time to look over her work, or she is very sloppy and just doesn't care. Either way it was very frustrating. I will be asking to work with Candace for our next phase of signage or looking for a different sign company.

Quick service, thanks to Jessica for being so patient with all of our last min changes. Even with all the changes, they still managed to get our window sign install done in short notice.

Great service and good quality products.

The customer service. Candice and Jessica are awesome!

Customer Service was excellent. Very helpful with ensuring design and colors were correct.

We started this process back in October. After we got started and I got the logos from the Doctors It took a very long time to get responses back. I made sure to respond ASAP. I would would send changes and the next time the changes were not made. Many details were missed. I have an email that very clearly told which outdoor sign we wanted. When the technician came he put up the one we did not want. I do have to say that the technician was very good and immediately took care of the problem.

Awesome employees. My project was creative and perfection.

FASTSIGNS Durango has always provided outstanding customer service and excellent products. The team in Durango was great to work with and would highly recommend them for your next project.

Very fast turn around time. Professional service and friendly staff.

The communication was fantastic. My banner was made within 24 hours after approval. Very happy with Durango Fastsigns.

Super friendly and helpful and fast.

Professional, quick turnaround

Very fast response time

Responsiveness, ease of working with you, can do and creative approach

The decals on the truck look great.