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February 23, 2017
Great customer service and product!
February 21, 2017
I gave FastSigns a file of the logo I wanted for the lettering on the back window of my mini-van, but the file had black lettering. I actually wanted the lettering in white, with a green accent on one of the letters. Nadine said, "No problem." I was extremely happy with the results and installation was quick. Thanks for going the extra mile. I would highly recommend FastSigns of Glendale, AZ.
February 20, 2017
Nadine Rivera was very prompt to respond and be helpful. This deal was turned around in a matter of a few days versus a couple weeks. Love it!
February 20, 2017
very pleased
February 13, 2017
Everyone at your location is amazing! Extremely helpful and easy to work with. Customerge satisfaction is their top priority!
February 10, 2017
Improve? Wow, Not sure that's the correct word. You need some SERIOUS evaluation of your processes. This is a customer loss in case you miss it from below. You can start by training your staff, or hiring appropriate staff from customer service reps that lack basic skills in following instructions (written and verbal) to inability to take a proof and produce the correct invoice based on the parts. In fact, the basic understanding on what we wanted to order was totally lacking. inserts request were not ikn the proof. Duplicates, combined senseless inserts, etc. were constant battle to get corrected. Even wiht explicit, numbered, organized and easy to follow directions on what was request seemed lost on the staff. The designer... no clue to balancing of elements for the sign. NONE. Design is an art as well as a technical skill. Hiring someone that has NOT eye for balance or design is of no use to your customers. It was one of the most frustrating things! Often, customers know what they want to portray but need help on how to design such a sign. That's where your staff comes in!! The whole experience was a sad exercise frustration. At one point, I just table the entire thing from April to December as I had not time to spoon feed so-called professionals. In addition, the last banners we had FastSigns produce were invoiced to our management company (who use FastSigns - maybe a different location normally). This time, I had to front the money ($1200+). This is unacceptable. I filled out some kind of paperwork for an account to allow billing our HOA through our very well established management company but nothing ever came of it. All these things are unacceptable. More below. I will tell you that unfortunately, we won't be using your particular location in the future. We will find a different service provider. Perhaps, at some point in the future when you lose all your customers, you'll get it. We are cleaning house. All contractors and service providers that fail to meet basic business requirements are being replace. In fact, our negative experiences are shared with other HOAs through CAI, our management company, etc. Yelp is out there, Etc. BE a service company or not.. TERRIBLE experience. ===================================================================== More details: Communications was unprofessional. Very specific written instructions were regularly ignored having to repeat emails, make phone calls, etc. Design of signs is supposed to be FastSign's business. My primary business is not signs. Most people's business is not signs which is why they use a professional sign business. The designer should be able to balance placement of elements of a sign as second nature. That is THEIR primary business. The lack of skil in doing such things was constantly displayed. The fact that even the simplest things like making sure the corners of the signs were rounded as to not pose a threat of injury in common areas of an HOA should be FASTSIGNS recommendation. The fact that I had to tell them to do it (In writing and verbally) yet it was not done again speaks of lack of attention to detail. Even the layout of the sign elements was totally lacking in design skill. The fonts were all different sized, the concept of making a sign that had sliding inserts that should be "balanced" as in fitting the tracks is something a 7th grader would know to do on a science presentation. The title of the sign (HOA name) was split into two lines on a 70-inch wide sign. That made the rest of the sign compress in the remaining vertical space. Again, a high school art student would have taken one look at the proof and noticed it. (in fact, one did). That is what YOUR Company is supposed to provide. The invoice did not match the proof for different parts (sliders). Pointed out explicitly in numbered issues to be correct STILL yielded the SAME error on the invoice. The charge for one set of identical 36" inserts was charge at a SIGNIFICANTLY higher rate on two different numeric line items on the invoice. There was no review of the invoice at all. This was pointed on a numerous occasions until I had to explicitly show the staff person what needed to be fixed. At this point, some of the 36-in sliders are STILL a different price (off by a few dollars) and it's just not worth any more aggravation to get FastSigns to fix it. Really, your staff has significant "attention to detail" issues. The cherry on top was TOTAL lack of any kind of instructions, recommendations, installation hardware, etc. to mount the signs. I asked (in written email) if the 4x4 wooden posts were sufficient or would some other post be better. No answer. It was specifically, explicitly requested. NOTHING. You COULD have supplies available for installation but you don't. I call that leaving money on the table AND not providing basic needs for the services YOU profess to provide. These are the little things that make customers feel like YOU know your business or you DON'T. Then when asked how much to install them by FastSigns, the charge of $300 to install three signs with MAYBE 18 total screws is insane. I have our handyman outfit doing it for $75 for all three. One to the most bizarre things was that you have various computers where staff store information for customers. One of the systems when down and the information was on that system. WHY, in 2017, do you not have a Network Attached Storage Unit RAID Mirrored drives for shared storage that is then backed up to online storage? NOT a good practice to store data on workstations. Your business is data based to start! The units can be as cheap as $200 for a Seagate 2 TB unit. Simple to get (Amazon, Frys), easy enough for anyone with basic computer skills to install or a standard I/T service provider to setup. All in all, a disappointing experience. Staff was friendly and accommodating and I don't want to ellude otherwise. But skill set is just not there.
February 3, 2017
Great attention to detail, friendly staff and good pricing. Willing to to go the extra step to accommodate the customer.
February 2, 2017
Excellent response time and excellent work
January 30, 2017
El Mirage
Nadine was accessible. The product exceeded our expectations
January 24, 2017
Sun City West
Nadine and all the folks at FastSIgns are a pleasure to work with. They have always provided me with fast and friendly service!
January 23, 2017
I love my signs! the quality is the best. and I had my signs in about 3 days after the design was done.
January 22, 2017
communication about new agent vs what we had been promised in the past
January 21, 2017
I have recommended you many times already. I know several people who have said they will be coming in to get window decals. They will be telling you I referred them. I'm very pleased with my window decal.
January 16, 2017
The signs looked great and they were ready when promised. Nadine, my customer service rep, was also fabulous.
January 13, 2017
quick turn around, quality product, online interface
January 13, 2017
the installer - everything else can use some training such as communication to the party ordering.
January 10, 2017
Need to communicate when you will be onsite and meet time lines.
January 9, 2017
Great Company !!! Always fast and everything is perfect .
January 8, 2017
Great people who are very knowledgeable. Nadine goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable.
January 3, 2017
Customer service and turn around time was excellent.