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New York, NY
(212) 845-9907
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Recent Reviews:

November 24, 2015
It's very reliable and Fetch does a great job. And it feels good knowing my cat is now comfortable with the same cat sitter.
November 10, 2015
Smiti Kumar
I love your caring pet sitters and efficient administration!
November 2, 2015
Kim Khan
The care of out pet by our sitter is palpable from anywhere in the world. When we return home we find a cat that misses us, but feels that he was never alone. Our sitter's daily texts give us huge peace of mind when traveling.
November 1, 2015
Ray is awesome. He handled giving the candy out to the trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood when I was away over the Halloween weekend. Really above and beyond. The best.
November 1, 2015
Kate Martin
October 28, 2015
Easy process & professional sitter
October 26, 2015
Last minute service never a problem, very professional
October 23, 2015
I was happy about the quick respons time To our request. It was nice that we could meet our cat sitter before we left on vacation. We also liked the daily e-mails with updates.
October 18, 2015
It's convenient, fairly priced, and my pet sitter Laura, took great care of my cats.
October 12, 2015
Dependable friendly prompt and my cat seems to really like chip Ferguson hides from others she seems relaxed and happy when I came home i know she will be fed etc per routine and dont have to worry Thank you again your office staff remembered me and my cat also amazing! ! Ruth
October 5, 2015
Lisa Falzetta
Anthony did an amazing job with Violet this past weekend! It's good to know I have such great backup when Aileen isn't available!
September 28, 2015
Customer service, prompt response, and the cats are good when we get back
September 28, 2015
Chris Rackow
Derek is great, goes above and beyond what i would expect for a sitter service. I always know that Izzy and Jojo are in great hands when i am out of town. He provides great peace of mind that they are taken care of and not neglected. I would not hesitate to have him look after them the next time i need to be away from home for an extended period of time.
September 15, 2015
A little more attention paid to the general cleanliness of the cats'eating and litter areas.
September 8, 2015
Our sitters are always great!
September 8, 2015
Florian Lauron
I get daily picture of my pet while on vacation, real peace of mind!
September 8, 2015
Stephanie Keene
I really like the program and how it is set up (the different choices and services, the different times you can have your pet looked after etc).. I thought Diane did a terrific job. She made an extra effort to get over to my place the night before I left so she could meet my cat ( I had scheduled the service last minute.) she was very accommodating, and took the time to ask questions about Finn's needs and what he liked. In addition she made sure. I got daily reports letting me know how he was doing very well) I would definitely recommend both Diane and fetch pet in the future
September 8, 2015
Caitlin Harrington
Fetch is extremely responsive and easy to work with.
September 7, 2015
Easy, and convenient. Diane is great with our boys, and we trust her implicitly.
September 7, 2015
Excellent service - convenient to book; easy to arrange payment and quality pet sitters.