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Valley Village, CA 91607
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Recent Reviews:

Easy and flexible! Nice friendly dog sitter too :)

The cat is alive! Thank you for taking care of him for me!

Easy to set up . I really liked Michelle my dog walker.

I adore everyone at Fetch! Quick response, the best pet sitters and affordable. I recommend Fetch! To everyone for pet sitting needs.

Nice, relatable and professional who really care about my dog

Fetch! Pet care is top notch. They were able to schedule my visits last minute and even make time for an in person visit before I left town. Kelly was just fabulous! She checked in every morning with pictures and updates about how much food they ate. I loved getting the updates and feel as though my kittens were well cared for! Such a great alternative to boarding your animals.

I love having the same person caring for my pets. And my pets are always happy and healthy when I return home. We love Michelle!

Friendly reliable very trustworthy dog walkers and great customer service! We’ve been using our Dogwalker Curt Hepp for over 10 years now I think!

BEST Cat Sitter we've ever had!!!

First, I was so pleased to find a pet care service that would be willing to provide sub-cutaneous fluids to a cat once during the weekend. That is a terrific service. We really liked Leslie. Very caring, competent and reliable. When I go on vacation, I will definitely be calling again. Thank you for saving the day!

Fantastic service, great communication - it puts our minds at ease whenever we leave town. Can't recommend Fetch enough.

Overall, I have found Fetch to be professional and very easy to work with and communicate with. Renee - the owner - is very nice. Like any business, you may prefer certain pet-sitters over others. Then, you can request that person again in the future. I have been using Fetch for several years and I am very happy with their service. It gives me peace of mind to know that my furry friend can stay in the comfort of our home and still receive his necessary, daily medications, as opposed to the stress of being boarded (w/pickup and drop-off) and having to stay in a cage while I'm away. :o)

Great pet sitters!

Janine is very attentive knows my animals moods and shares updates. I get to hear the story about their day and what’s happening while I’m gone. They are just cats but she treats them like family and spoils them! I’m so happy to get the funny photos and updates.

Care and communication are great. My furry and scaly friends thrive under Fetch supervision.

I love Fetch! So easy to schedule and I’ve been lucky enough to have the same caretaker every time I’ve scheduled. Thank you so much for caring for my pet like your own!

I am very impressed by their dedication to the animals (and their clients). Renee Lutz always gets back to me same day, and all of the sitters are wonderful, loving, and responsible. We go to Kenya every year for a month, and this past Christmas our 13 year old Lab had to be put down while we were gone. I had considered putting him down before we left but our sons didn't want to. Our main pet sitter, Leslie, texted me every day about his condition, and she called a Vet to come to the house to check him. He recommended that it would be kinder to put him to sleep. Of course we were devastated, but decided that would be best. Leslie stayed with our Sammy the entire time, which was very hard on her because she had known him for so long. Renee charged the medical bills to her personal credit card to make it easier, and she put together a little memorial of his photos that we got when we arrived back home. Losing a pet is very difficult, but the people at Fetch went the extra mile for us, for which I am eternally grateful.

I appreciate the fact that Renee gets back to me immediately, no matter what day of the week. I am extremely happy with our pet caretaker, Leslie, who takes care of our pets as though they were her won.

Phone friendly and kind and the person they sent to walk my dog was lovely