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The Fitness Together program is very comprehensive program, starting with a complete and thorough evaluation. Results of evaluation are reviewed with client, then a specific training program is developed targeting those area -improve/strengthen muscles/ areas needing attention. Each training session consists of: --Reviewing how the client feels/is -what they ate, how did they sleep, any issues from last session, asking "did you do cardio and how often." --Recording results of each exercise to track progress, make adjustments if needed The trainers I have worked with are thoroughly trained, competent, and consistently monitor client is everything "OK" Nutrition is also a part of the program, another learning curve. It is a good thing the body is the only machine that gets better with use. In a very busy world, the key is not to let it stat idle for very long.

Lexington, MA
Customized friendly service. Have been going there thirteen years and am hoping for another thirteen.

The passion of the fitness team who want you to succeed. Current with the latest and greatest trends around fitness. Everyone cares about one another.

I like the encouragement and motivation from the staff towards achieving my goals, the friendliness and the joyful atmosphere in the gym. I highly recommend FT Belmont!

It's really good. I felt a little discouraged by the sessions with Heath -- not realistic re what "counts" as " exercise" given how challenging I've found it to work out at all. The other instructors were more encouraging.

Nice people. Professional. Very knowledgeable.

Fitness customized for me! I love the trainers, the facility and the program!

Everything but the lime green paint. Lol

Positivity and encouragement. I feel comfortable being there. The facility is clean. I trust my trainer. I like the personalized plan and accountability.

It's a friendly and clean place.

Excellent studio with good instructors

The team at Belmont Fitness Together is amazing. I am greeted by name by whoever is at the front desk when I walk in, and I know everyone that works there and they know me. Belmont FT puts the "personal" in personal training :-) I really don't recall a negative interaction or experience after a bit more than a year of regular workouts. Well, ok, actually the first few workouts were hard and a bit frustrating for me ... so brace yourself for a few days when things feel difficult. But so quickly the team helped me get over that hump, and now I look forward to workouts. No, really. Yep. I do. And in chatting with other clients, we all kind of feel the same. The team is strongly focused on safety ... and as a 60 year old I never quite realized how even the smallest mistake in how to perform a specific task could result in an injury (until I decided it was a good idea to push through a pain that my trainer said I should not ... and several months of PT later...). Since then, I now just say what hurts, and the trainers all know how to find an alternative that helps me progress without injury. I really had no idea how important this was to making sustained progress. The team is also focused on understanding your current state of reality. It turns out that I am not always at my best, and when I have a day where I am struggling (and maybe feeling like a slacker) my trainer knows how to modify and adjust. They also know me, so know to look at my face and heart rate rather than just listening to me convince myself I am fine! And from time to time I really am feeling great, and then we adjust as needed. It's really kind of amazing how tuned in all of the trainers are, and how consistently the staff manages my workouts to keep me on track, motivated, and moving forward. The Belmont crew is a well-oiled machine. Personal training isn't free, and when it's time to write the next check, I have consistently realized that the benefits I get from my visits are literally the best way I could spend the few extra dollars I have. I feel better about myself. I am dramatically healthier now, and can do things that are fun and energetic without feeling like an old man. And mentally, it's just better. I show up to my job feeling great, looking fit, being positive, and ready to work hard. In fact, having recently gotten a salary raise, I wonder how much of what I spend at Fitness Together just came back to me in spades!

Lexington, MA
Professional, friendly and appropriately demanding.

Extremely happy with the services of all the staff. Wonderful staff and wonderful facility. It is very personalized and caters to the need of my son.

Belmont, MA
Personalized program by stellar staff

Caring professionals who know their trade

You meet me where I'm at! I appreciate when trainers actually do the work with us to demonstrate (even if we might know the exercise) and then pushing us through the end of a circuit time.

The personal care and attention!

I like, that the exercise program that I follow is tailored to my unique needs/limitations. With their guidance I have seen a big improvement towards the goals we had set. Also they helped me make better choices with my eating habits. Most importantly they helped me realize the way that use my muscles in every day life. I have seen an overall improvement. Great team. Thank you.

Still great after almost a year!