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I was a bit skeptical about doing virtual sessions as I’d previously worked with trainers in the studio. It wasn’t just the pandemic - we had also moved about an hour away from Burlington. To my surprise I actually love the virtual sessions! As it cuts out travel time, it’s truly only 45 minutes out of your day and so doable. The trainers are still easily able to make form corrections as well as give you a challenging workout. The zoom sessions are set up efficiently and the trainers are on time! And just as expected, I got those great body changes I was striving for! Virtual sessions are a great option for so many situations and I wholeheartedly recommend trying them!

I love the sense of family. Everyone is there cheering on each other. The staff are great motivators.

Personalized training at its best. The committed partnership that every trainer displays motivates even someone like me. Thank you for all your efforts.

I love the Personal Trainers who are passionate about exercise and fitness. I feel like l am family and they really care about you and help you achieve your fitness goals. You work as a team with your trainer at FT Burlington. They genuinely care about you.

Burlington, MA
All the staff are very competent and are very caring and are willing to work with you on whatever your needs are.

Love the one on one and the constantly changing routines . Also the free swag also is nice

The trainers are caring and professional they listen to you so they can help with your individual goals and needs they are there to help you succeed in all aspects of your well being as for me when I first started I couldn’t even walk well I am 60 years young and with there encouragement I deadlifted 205 pounds thank you so much fitness together for everything you have done for me Sincerely Jackie Serena

Great training and great environment 😊

Great staff

My back pain has been better than i ever remember and i also feel like I have more energy to do things in general. I would definitely recommend people to join as it is a very personalized corrective fitness program for anyone with back/muscle pain.

Personalized, educational, goal oriented training with friendly and fun coaches who are educated, experienced, knowledgeable.

Burlington, MA
The staff listens to the client and strives to bring success to the client.

All the trainers are super friendly and knowledgeable. They work hard to help you accomplish your goals whether that is losing weight or muscle gains! They make every workout enjoyable and fun

Burlington, MA
The most knowledgeable, caring, educated, professional staff around. I won’t go elsewhere and anyone who knows me knows how much I love the staff. Their instruction and programs helped me surpass my initial goals and achieve things I had never thought possible. And we’re not done yet…

The personalized workout that’s leading me to achieving my goals!

Burlington, MA
The trainers are all terrific and create individualized programs that meet my personal needs! They have all been pleasant, professional, knowledgeable, and responsive to my feedback about my goals and what works for me. I was impressed with their ability to shift to remote sessions during the pandemic. (Special shout-out to Liz Tisdale who has been my most frequent trainer this year....both remotely and in person!)

Billerica, MA
The folks at FT are the very best humans around. They have a vast amount of knowledge between them on how to get the best results for me tailored to my specific needs, always taking my aches and pains into consideration. I absolutely love working out with them. I never miss my appointments and never have to drag myself to the gym because I can’t wait to go! Thanks for being the best in the business, but also for just being awesome friends! ❤️

Burlington, MA
Great focus on client needs and goals. Super support of community

Woburn, MA
Personal training facility cleanliness

Burlington, MA
I like the one on one training with a trainer that gets to know your strengths and weaknesses and adapts to all my needs.