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private 1 on 1

skilled and knowledgeable trainers, fitness studio cleanliness and well maintained equipment, personalized approach to training and nutritional guidance, friendliness of staff

Responsive, friendly & effective. Great job and many thanks.

Great trainers, reasonable privacy during training, and really personalized plans.

Incredibly knowledgeable, great guidance, super kind and supportive. I am so impressed with the amazing trainers who clearly have a passion for helping their clients improve their health.

It is the place that has helped me realize my fitness goals. I am more motivated, by the encouragement and expertise of a very well trained staff. They always help you to strive to set higher goals for yourself. It is also important to be consistent. That is, keeping your appointments, listen and try to follow the instructions of the Trainers. The overall atmosphere at the FT Studio is extremely client centered. Welcoming,friendly. It is all of these factors that keep me, and other clients Returning, year after year. This is not by accident, it is deliberate and starts with the MANAGEMENT. It filters down to all. That is a good thing. It gets RESULTS.

Great people that listen to you regarding previous injuries and find ways to work around them. All the trainers I've worked with are committed to seeing you succeed and give you encouragement to keep you going.

Knowledge and skill level of the trainers are the first things that come to my mind. They truly care about you as an individual. They listen to your concerns and goals and plan your program based on what you say and their assessment of your needs. The studio is also exceptional…clean and well equipped for my needs. Since beginning here two years ago, I have increased my knowledge of proper nutrition through their guidance and my fitness levels. I definitely feel stronger and healthier. Cayley Kruhm and Silas Yost are two of my favorite trainers. I have referred multiple friends, including my husband! Fitness Together rocks! 💪🏼💪🏼

Excellent trainers who customize workouts, watch client progress and ramp workouts up or down as need be. Thy are also friendly and personable. The facilities are good and management is flexible in that they will change days and times for the clients as their schedules require. I like the pack classes Md enjoy the company of the other clients I meet at Fitness Together.

Leadership is very responsive to issues/concerns that may arise. I feel very comfortable that concerns will be addressed. The studio is well maintained. They strive to guide me in reaching my fitness and nutritional goals. They are open to questions and very willing to help me understand what I need to do to make steady and consistent progress.

Friendly and private

All the trainers are GREAT! Very professional and make my experience FUN!

Baltimore, MD
One on one trainer. The facility is very clean. People are very friendly.

Professionalism and knowledge of trainers!

Lutherville, MD
I appreciated the initial evaluation to get an idea where I was in terms of fitness and then tailor a course to get me to where I wanted to be. Learning proper techniques and use of simple equipment to accomplish goals has been great.

Everything. The flexible schedule-- when needed. Competence of staff, all of the Trainers are excellent in their field of expertise. They are committed to helping their clients achieve their maximum potential. As an added bonus all staff are pleasent, and seem to really like their chosen profession. Also, like people. There are some gyms where the atmosphere is not welcoming.

Expertly personalized

I've enjoyed my fitness sessions with the trainers. I appreciate the the time and preparation involved in the process. The one on one trainer to client sessions have been eye opening, because they expose your weaknesses and add to your strengths. I would highly recommend fitness together, because you can not do it alone. If your looking for that positive push to get back in shape or if your looking to add to what you already know, fitness together is the place to be.

The personal attention.

Everyone is very friendly and helpful at Fitness Together. I have worked with a few different trainers and they all remember me, what goals I'm working towards, and my hobbies. All the trainers are very knowledgeable and answer any questions I have. They help me understand how the exercises I am doing are custom to my lifestyle. I am very happy I decided to start training at Fitness Together and I look forward to achieving my goals and keep moving forward.