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105 Krispy Kreme Drive, Suite 5
Bloomington, IL 61704
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I appreciate the analysis of my gait and correct foot size. Anyone I have talked to has been knowledgeable about running and about the shoes. The shoes I just bought are totally different from what I have been wearing and are very comfortable. My wife is not a runner and has neuropathy and received the same great care. A shout out to Kelly at the Bloomington, IL store.

I appreciate atore hours closing @ 7 . Even though I came in about 15 minutes before closing timethe associates took care of me did not rush me out. I liked the xray machine & explanations provided to me. Excellent customer service & products within my price range.

I like that each person is getting individual attention. Products are top notch and good quality. All around a well rounded business and good employees to make it happen.

Everything. The staff was super helpful. The process was seamless and possibly the best shoe buying experience I have ever had. I didn’t have to do anything. The guy brought out the different shoes, what he thought would be best based on my foot scan. He then laced them, put em on my feet, and tied them. With trying on 4 pairs of shoes and combining the shoes left and right foot, it was absolutely the best experience for buying shoes ever. I will be back time and time again. Probably won’t buy shoes anywhere else now.

The staff was great! Helpful and accommodating. What is a turn-off is the fact that there is hardly a variety of selection in terms of sizes. Was advised to order on-line. I would rather support local businesses. And if I find the exact thing I am looking for somewhere locally, I’ll be more than happy to spend my money in that business

The customer service is excellent!

Very helpful and friendly staff

I was pleased with the service. She was very knowledgeable about what kind of shoes my granddaughter needed.

My husband said they were very thorough in helping him with his feet issues. He is currently trying out the shoes they recommended so time will tell. Great color!! The selection and location were perfect. They also helped my son pick out some inserts for his flat feet and he loves them! I recommend this store for anyone with issues with their feet.

Quality products and genuine care from employees

Associates are great! All of them are friendly, educated on the products, and eager to help!

Personal attention and high knowledge of products.

By far the best shoe shopping experience I’ve ever had! I go back all the time! No other store or service compares to the experience at fleet feet! They keep your information about your last order so you don’t have to remember the name or sizes. Kelly and his team truly rock! Go experience it for yourself and stop reading this review! -T

This store has excellent customer service. From the moment you walk (or hobble, as in my recent visit) into the store, you are treated as a person of worth. The employees are knowledgeable and friendly, with their desire to see you fitted into the correct pair of shoes as the goal. Your satisfaction with a pair of comfortable shoes that are correct for what you will be wearing them for is paramount. Thank you!

EVERYTHING!!!!! I LOVE Fleet Feet!!

Great selection and great service every time.

Every time me and my family go to Fleet Feet, we always have a positive experience. The staff is always helpful and knowledgeable, and we're always happy with our purchases.

Great customer service

so helpful and knowledgeable!

Julie was so wonderful and patient . Loved everything and she fit me in my perfect shoes . Thank you so much