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Recent Reviews:

Super friendly and invested in what I had to say.

The individualized care in selecting the right shoe and fit

Terriffic service listening to my preference and suggesting shoes that fit etremely well

I love the fitting! I bought a great pair of shoes for everyday wear. My first day in my shoes, I have no back pain as I used to! It also does not hurt to get up from sitting as it did when I wore my other tennis shoes. You should market to people with body pain that it might be their shoes!! I told my sister who has back pain about Fleet Feet and my shoes as well as I am going to buy my Dad a gift card to send to him in Tucson. I asked the lady who fitted me if you had a store in Tucson. Turns out there are 2 stores. Thanks for being in Madison!! I will always buy my shoes from you from now on!!

Good Custer service and good product

The staff is professional and knowledgable. They take the time to assure a proper fit and listen and watch for feedback related to shoe selection. The selection of running shoes is extensive and if you a wedded to a particular shoe that they do not carry, they order that shoe. Outside of shoes, I can always get a great recommendation for newest running gear for the other runners in my life when a special gift is needed. The patients that I send to Feet Fleet always come back with praise and satisfaction regarding their experience and product. Thank you Fleet Feet!

Professional, knowledgeable staff

The customer service was great! The staff was very knowledgeable about the shoes. Also, the ability to try the shoes and bring them back if I don’t like them is awesome! Expensive shoes but great customer service!

Shoe fitting was very quick, informative, and tailored to my specific feet. Service was fantastic!

You don’t feel rushed and they let you try all the choices!

LOVE my shoes, insoles and sports bras! Worth every penny.

The staff is always so nice, and they're not pushy. I have problem feet and they always find the shoes that are the most comfortable for me. I like the foot imaging thing too.


Knowledgeable, helpful and friendly staff

The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable! As I need to be buy arch support shoes for my shoe size14 teenager, they know exactly what we need. Thank you!

The personalized care in finding several good fit options for my running shoes - including insoles - was wonderful. I was listened to & given dedicated service even when the store was getting busy.

I always find the staff very friendly and helpful. They are also very knowledgeable about what type of shoe is the best for my foot and activity. I have my favorite brand but they will offer some alternatives that provide the same type of support if there's one available. Having the treadmill in the store makes it nice to test the shoe before buying.

Excellent customer service. Your staff is energetic and does a great job of engaging customers.

Wonderful staff. Very knowledgable

I feel I get a customized fit for my shoes. My Chiropractor gave a thumbs up to the fit.