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911 East Pine Street
Seattle, WA 98122
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Best shop in town

That there are enough options but not so much merchandise that it's overwhelming. And that there are people there to help choose things that are perfectly tailored to me! The person who helped me was awesome! Very patient and helpful.

I like that salespeople take their time and I feel like they really want to figure out what will work best for my feet.

More engaged customer service-not just reading from the ipad. Asking if we really care abut the info on the ipad before just reading it off and not engaging the customer. I've always thought your customer service to be off--too geeky and not empathetic.

The patience and friendliness from the staff made a simple errand beyond pleasant!

Great service.

Great customer service, not bad pricing, and good products.

Location and you can be in an out in quickly with a solid fitting pair of shoes

I really appreciated the time the shop assistant took to explain everything to me, answer my questions, and show me the products. At no point did I feel rushed to make a decision. The person who helped me was able to pull up the foot scan that I had done earlier this year at a different fleet feet store, and although they were not able to find my previous purchase in the system, they offered me a 15% discount for the reoccurring purchase.

Knowledgeable staff (Emily=awesome) Foot mapping technology Great selection of shoes

Seattle, WA
I love the FF store in Capitol Hill so much. I moved to Seattle many years ago just as I was ramping up running and training on regular basis. Suddenly it made sense to seek out a specialty store to find better fitting shoes and gear. However, as a clueless amateur, I was intimidated and wanted to find a store that was welcoming and understanding about my silly questions. The minute Brian took over and turned the shop into a Fleet Feet, the south end rejoiced! It's an awesome community store - the employees are incredible (Dan is an awesome manager) and the shop is stocked with great stuff. I look forward to each visit and while I may spend an embarrassing amount in the store, I am absolutely committed to supporting this local business. I can always buy my shoes for less, or use online discount retailers, but it doesn't give me the same satisfaction as walking into FF and feeling like I'm in the company of friends. Thanks to Brian and everyone for making the store a mecca of happiness!

It was very efficient to find a shoe that suited me well working with someone who knew what they were doing.

You have a friendly, knowledgable staff and an excellent selection of high-quality products.

The woman who helped me was great! I felt listened to and well-advised, so I felt confident about the shoes and insole I bought. It was a really good experience.

Friendly staff. And I like the promotions (in-store credit after spending x dollars, the recent 25% off, etc)

Excellent staff

Terrific knowledgeable service

nice staff- austin was very helpful

The sales associate was thorough and helpful!

Such personalized attention and care.