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16020 SE Mill Plain Blvd #113
Vancouver, WA 98684
(306) 885 4556
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Recent Reviews:

Efficient, great service, quick response to needs.

Very customer friendly especially during Covid.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Lots of options to choose from.

Karen was awesome, super helpful & not pushy.

At the Vancouver store you have very knowledgeable staff, Ryan helped me pick out shoes that were perfect for the type of training I am doing. I have been a runner on and off since I was 15 years old and am now 67 and these days it is critical for me to have guidance with all the new and different shoes and equipment in order to keep from getting injured and so that my 3-7 mile runs are more enjoyable. After detailing some of the aches and pains that have been annoying to me lately with increased mileage, Ryan fitted me with Karhu running shoes, inserts and introduced me to the Roll recovery deep tissue massage roller. The results were immediate! If you are serious about your running, this running store is the place to go. (I would make sure Ryan is there)...........

Karen was wonderful! She was friendly and knowledgeable. Picking out shoes is always a challenge for me due to the configuration of my feet and is usually overwhelming with the amount of choices to consider. Karen made the process comfortable by being very accommodating without a lot of pressure. She made appropriate recommendations and suggestions for my needs.

Just the technology and customer service involved in getting me a great pair of shoes.

Knowledgeable, helpful, pleasant staff. Individualized service with a wide range of stock to best meet one’s needs.

We appreciate the knowledge of your employees in helping select a shoe that addresses specific needs/injuriy/recovery.

Always helpful and knowledgeable

Great service #1, love the selection too

Dat ‘stash doe

Service is amazing and you look out for each customer! Thank you

Bob was very helpful finding and fitting shoes and orthotics. The shoes and slip-ons fit well, and although I still notice the orthotics, they have not been a problem.

I felt rushed to make a decision. I wasn’t asked what style I might prefer over what the associate showed me . I have worn many styles of fitness shoes and felt I should have been given more choices. I also felt since I wasn’t a “ runner “ he didn’t take me seriously. It was extremely awkward.

The shoes were great but every time I buy shoes at The Vancouver FF it is clear you make a lot of money on orthotics. It is fine to try to up sell (that is business) but your associates should also listen. When we say we don’t need them - stop asking/insisting on them. I literally had to say no 3-4 times. Even after I told her my PT said no orthotics (I need to strengthen my feet) she kept asking. She only stopped because I raised my voice and said “I already told you I don’t need them”. LISTEN to your customers or they will go elsewhere.

I liked having an appointment and a knowledgeable person ready to help me with my shoes. I do think that more staff was needed. There were two staff, two appointments and multiple walk-ins. I like the scan that was done and the fit options, there was a good selection. Thanks!

The best part was the excellent service by Courtney!!! She was exceptionally kind and very knowledgeable of the best products for my unusual needs.

Walked into a clean store. They had great customer service and I was able to get help choosing a shoe to meet my needs and a couple other things in less than 20 minutes. It was really helpful because they had my precious sizes I had purchased on file so I didn't have to try a bunch of sizes on to get the right fit. SaRah

The staff was so helpful and knowledgeable. I am so happy with my purchase!