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30 Farnham Gate Rd.
Halifax, NS B3M 3W8
(902) 405-3668
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Recent Reviews:

They fit well and have foot health as their first priority.

Good quality products and knowledgeable sales advisors.

extremely satisfied with the product and service

Great service and wonderful staff.

Products are top of the line and service is always exemplary.

Products good service good

Friendly service and great fit.

Prices aren't as competitive as some places. Woman who assisted me was lovely & pleasant & helpful. The gentleman, not as much.

I was wearing a mask but didn't notice the hand santizing station, It wa pointed out to me in a sanctimonious manner. Of course, I agree with the need for clean hands. I simply overlooked it and didn't mind using it at all. Just the manner it was pointed out to me was offputting. When I remarked that a shoe felt loose, my salesperson told me that the laces could be tightened. I was a bit surprised when he didn't do so but rather had me try to tighten them. Perhaps this was bevcause of COVID distancing? (But the other salesperson seemed to be adjusting the fit on her customer.) However, I really like my shoes. Also I was pleased when my salesperson looked up my past purchase and pointed out that I had a credit to apply! I'll be back!!

Last week us my first visit to this store. It was recommended by one of the members of our Saturday walking group. I went in to look around for winter boots that had a firm grip for walking in all conditions over the coming winter. I believe it was Joanne who assisted me. She was most patient with me and my quirks and brought me a number of great options. In all my years of buying food ware she was the first to check the fit for my "hammer toes". I really appreciated that. I left the store with slippers, walking shoes, waterproof sneakers and comfortable redish Olang winter boots. They were all house tested and all performed at 100%. I am looking forward to next Saturday when I bring my daughter to this store for a new pair of walking shoes. She is hard to fit and the purchase will be a Christmas gift from me. Sincerely and very satisfied... Jane Clattenburg

Excellent service is all I receive as soon as I walk through the door until I leave with a new pair of boots ( usually buy all my shoes at Foot Solutions). This most recent trip I took my husband in to buy a new pair of shoes. He also left with a new pair fully satisfied with the service he had received. I appreciate the brands carried as it gives me a choice for my hard to fit foot! Thanks for the excellent product and service David and Connie!

Safe, friendly, and informative help with good quality products in a clean, bright shop add up to a 10 for me.

You carry products I need and I appreciate the service.

I took my 86 year old mother to your shop to buy a good quality pair of winter boots especially made for walking on ice. The gentleman who took care of us was very respectful of my mother. All the staff who dealt with us were very pleasant. We had a very good experience.

I like the immediate friendly service I receive as soon as I enter the store. I like that the person serving me listens to my special needs for my feet. I always leave feeling that I bought exactly what I needed and have always been satisfied with my purchases.

Wonderful service and high quality products!

The products are excellent: Olang boots, Smartwool socks...And helpful, friendly service!

The staff was excellent! I was very impressed. Thank you

Good quality and knowledgeable staff.