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Frankfort, KY 40601
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Nicest people in health care!

In today's world of business it is sometimes impossible to please everyone !!!!! As a COURIER who delivers and picks up and delivers medical related goods to a lot of nursing and patient rehabilitation centers, and have seen some really bad situations at other facilities, I can only say that Frankfort Rehab and Care DOES WORK VERY HARD to tend to, and take care of their patients !!!!!! I have no complaints !!!!!!

The people are friendly

The patients are taken well care of and is always a notice if there is something going on with them at any time of the day and night

Friendly and knowledgeable staff that is close to home. Feel that she is in good hands.

Very good staff and friendly. I believe that she is in good hands

Great Staff

Great staff and family support.

id like to name a few exceptional employees please Jackie in rehab, Michelle in rehab, Bob in rehab, Temeka in rehab, Chelsea in rehab, Monica and Alex in rehab, Rachel the RN, Tina in the kitchen, Kayla cna, Taylor cna that worked night weekends in no particular order. Cecil is a great cna

one big problem i had with cna's, they flat out would not wear a mask when they came in my room and i asked them several times and covid was going around big time. it was mostly the night shift and not all of them.

the rehab dept is the star of your show

They run a pretty tight ship and the nurses and workers are very respectful of the residents !!!!

Everyone there has been nice & has been good to my Mom.

Very caring

Clean environment and very friendly and helpful staff.

Clean,well managed,residents well cared for. I would recommend this facility over all others in the area.

Its a good safe place that seems to care about the safety of there patients.

Born and lived here all our life.

I like that some if the ppl that work there treat my dad like their own. I don’t love the back and forth of being able to visit and then suddenly not bc of covid cases. I don’t feel it’s good for him mentally/emotionally or even physically.