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Burbank, CA 91502
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Great people, great service

Their bike service is really top notch. I brought my bike in for a tune up and to replace other misc parts. The next day it was ready and they did everything on my list , which i have found at other shops i had to remind them and come back again. I always test ride bike before going home and i noticed under load their was a constant popping sound still occurring. I am a big guy and owner immediately realized i needed a factory freewheel upgrade that doubled contact parts due to extra load because of my weight . No one else had suggested that before and 5 min later my bike was back in stealth mode again. I was very impressed with their knowledge and service

2009 Felt Z25 road bike. 2nd tier tune up is the choice I had to make due to a broken cable. Chain does not drop from big front chainring to past the small like it used to. It does it once in a while but if I shift to small carefully, no chain drop. New bar tape feels good and the new front derailleur cable seems strong. Will do more test rides and see how it goes the next few months and report back.

You guys had the Trek bike I’ve been looking for and was told locally I would not get one until 2022. Drove 370 miles to pick up my Trek FX Sport 5. I love it!

Great Customer Service

I called ahead for the bike I wanted. Was ready upon arrival. Easy transaction. Nice set up. Clean. Friendly staff.

Really excellent service. She was so great with our son to help him for his first bike. Quality products. Great experience.

Expertise coupled with good customer service.

Great people, great service, and experienced, professionals service and repair. I will back!

Very friendly, kind and accommodating!

Knowledgeable, friendly, and service.

Mainly I love your attentive service and excellent knowledge about bikes AND locks. Who would have ever imagined that this combination of services would be fabulously effective and efficient for me? I’m so grateful I found you!

The service there is especially good, friendly and they take time with you so you get what is best for your needs. I was impressed with their people skills above all.

Very hands on. Answered all my questions. Courteous!

Excellent work!!!

good service knowledgeable staff

Quick and helpful service.

Great knowledgeable friendly staff. Very helpful and fare prices

Friendly knowledgeable staff. Top notch service. My favorite bike shop!

Kyle is great. So helpful