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Best service from knowledgeable staff that appear to love what they do. Thank you, we will be back! Happy riding.

Knowledgeable, friendly, excellent customer service. The only place in town that I go to concerning my bicycle needs and questions.

We had a wonderful experience! We spent too much money :) but that was our choice because they helped us understand what would be best for us and we left looking forward to our new sport!

Expertise is unmatched by anyone in town. Outstanding service!

Love my new bike. It road like a dream. Thanks for having one for me.

Everyone at Goldstream Sports is helpful and friendly. Most important, they have folks who know a lot about bikes.

We love Goldstream Sports. Friendly, Knowledgable, Fast, Goldstream Rocks! We take all of our Trek bicycles to Goldstream for maintenance and repairs and always get them back repaired with great advice on how to keep them running in top shape! We highly recommend Goldstream Sports

Well stocked and great service!

Products are high quality, expertise is terrific, and the "COVID-19" protocol the store is following make me feel very safe shopping there. Exceptional!

great customer service

Fast and friendly service that is affordable

Continuity of a local store where I bought my only really decent bike and have since enjoyed over a decade in the saddle before the substantial rebuild a week ago.

Knowledgeable and courteous staff, I regularly feel like I'm getting the information I need and never feel like I've been talked into an unnecessary upsell.

Great service and very knowledgeable.

Knowledgeable staff. Excellent service.

Very helpful and knowledgeable employees.

Personalized and attentive service, not just for me but for seemingly anybody who walks thru the door. The shop is adequately staffed for the season.

Always comes down to the people. you have a very nice staff that know the bicycles you sell and the accessories you offer. Also, I like to spend locally rather than at a bigger national store if possible. You offer the best of both worlds being a local store with a great staff.

You cary quality products and always have excellent service.

High quality products and knowledgeable staff!