Havoline xpress lube - HWY 120 Googleplus-24

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2525 Roswell Road
Marietta, GA 30062
(770) 973-6060
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It was quick, just like they say.

Cost was as advertised and I am very happy with quality of service and technicians. I have been to other "Lube" places and they cost more and try to upsell oil and filters etc. No so here. I will be back for sure

Very competent employees. High quality products, good price and excellent, quick service.

Super quick service and very nice people!

They're organizing professional

Chris is the GM at this location and he did a wonderful job. I went to another Havoline location about a month ago, for a simple a/c compressor change,and thermostat. After the car sat there for close to a week, i got it back wit all types of problems. Ended up taking my car to three different mechanics to fix it, i was without a car for a month. Being jerked around by all types of individuals that kept taking my money and trying to fix things that weren't wrong to begin with. I finally picked up the car today from the third mechanic and it was over heating, and blowing cold air at the same time. Took it to Chris, and he took the time to identify the correct problem, show me, explained it to me, and fix it with no cost to myself. It was not a 600.00 radiator, which i was told by one mechanic. It was not the a/c lines going bad, which would have been another large cost. When the thermostat was originally installed, they did not bleed the line through to get rid of excess air. Chris did this in a short amount of time, had a great attitude about it, and didn't charge me for it. I am willing to pay for a job well done and correct work being completed, will not pay for individuals to throw parts at my car, because they honestly don't want to spend the time to figure out the real problem. I was hesitant to go back to Havoline because of my compressor experience, but Chris made me at least want to return to him. I hope he continues to remain honest and fair, i will continue to go back to him for my auto repair needs. I fell like I finally have a win after a month of bad news. My car is running smoothly and staying at the right temperature.

The folks at this shop are always very helpful and work fast. The young last that helped me this time was particularly helpful in making sure everything the car needed was taken care of.

Staff is excellent and efficient. Go here for all my basic service needs. Recommend them to everyone. Thanks guys!

Very quick and easy routine service.

Fast and courteous


They staff was very friendly and fast when I showed up 10 minutes before closing time. They worked quickly to help me get what I needed and did it very willingly. I definitely felt like they valued my business and appreciated their service.

Very helpful and friendly. I trust them to give me good advice and recommendations.

It’s great

Quick service, customer friendly, very knowledgeable, did not sell my products/service I did not need.

quick service at a good price

Fast and professional.

fair prices fast service friendly people!

Technician informed about outstanding issues I was unaware of and made a great effort to help me find the right solution I was looking for. 10/10 will be coming back here. Technicians name was Chris and he did an awesome job.