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Your service team was great, even in the face of COVID restrictions. Thanks!

I had a flat tyre and it was changed quickly and professionally. HOWEVER: I am deeply unhappy that Helen's closed its Westwood Village location. That is huge disservice for the community and and the UCLA students. Westwood Village was left without a bike store, although I was told by the former personnel that it was profitable. The location of the Santa Monica store is far from where I live and work. This was very shortsighted from Helen's and made my life many times more difficult as a daily cyclist and a non-driver.

Wonderful customer service!

Thanks! I've been a loyal customer for many years. I don't have a lot of needs, but when I do, I go to Helen's. Service is consistently great. I especially want to thank your team for processing my new FX1 yesterday at what turned out to be short notice. Long-story-short, I had requested the new bike to replace my bike that had been stolen in August. I hadn't heard from anyone and called yesterday to follow up on new deliveries and was so hopeful it would be there and ready so my son and I could ride bikes to pick up some new books from Diesel Bookstore in Brentwood. When Parker said you had inventory, we raced over to pick it up. I mean raced over - my son hopped on his bike and I put on my running shoes and we were on our way. The problem was that I didn't realize you had to do an 'exit check' on the bike. While I felt really bad because there was no way I could have waited with my son for an hour or two without him 'flipping a lid,' your service techs did what they needed to do and we were on our way in a matter of minutes. I was so grateful. Could I have kept my son at ease for an hour or two, yes, but it would not have been easy. Your team was super great and I'll be back for other things like service and gloves. Gratefully, Andrew

Service and full stock accessories

They’re the best!

Mike, Brady, Monty, Frank and everyone else are always exceptional!

Courteous, efficient, prompt and affordable!

Everyone is sooo friendly and nice

Friendly and quality service

It's all about Edvard (sp?) your—and my family's—bike mechanic. He is the reason I keep coming back to Helen's. Everyone I meet at Helen's is top notch & professional, but Edvard goes the extra distance. As long as Edvard is there (MDR, my local shop) or Santa Monica until MDR reopens—with Edvard returning—Helen's is my bike shop. And between me, my wife, my son and two daughters, we are talking nine bicycles, all of which we trust to his care. Thanks for supporting bike shop employees! In my world they are ESSENTIAL workers. Cheers, Lee McManus

Brady was a patient and knowledgeable salesperson

Eric provided exceptional care, support and service. Our teenage son is just getting into mountain biking and he was so kind explaining the details.

Great service and atmosphere!

Very attentive and prompt communication with regards to my service needs.

i am a repeat customer. mike, monty, adam and jay :) always make it a pleasure !!!

Good cuality

Top notch service! knowledge and great sales staff