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Provided complimentary tune-ups for one year after purchase of a new bicycle.

Amazing and speedy process

Super easy and friendly phone order

Helen's is the best....full stop!

Reputation for quality products and friendly, helpful staff

Frank was awesome.. explained the differences in not Only the mtn bike frames abut also their components. When it comes time to sort out anything bike related, I’m definitely coming back...

It was fast but well done

Helens is the best in service, I’ve been a customer for about 5 years will not leave them.

You have most accessory products and a good selection of bicycles

Friendly, knowledgeable staff.

You all are very prompt and the repairs are spot on. Thank you to Monty and Alex.

Excellent selection of products Excellent customer service Cameron was a pleasure to work with. Super helpful, super nice

Great staff, Wilbur, Tony, Monte, even Jay is great! Fair prices, great service, a real neighborhood store.

Just a great crew there. Real people who ride bicycles. I know because I see them out on the road all the time:^O

Consistently quality service and products. Thanks for being open!

Your guys try to be helpful. Your service triage guy went out of his way to inquire about any problems in addition to the flat tire I needed to have repaired. When I mentioned trouble with the shifter, he said they would take a look and wrote down my description of the problem. Then when the bike was returned to me, he had me take a short ride to be sure the shifter was working properly. All this at his initiative, not mine!

Great product info - knowledgeable salesperson

One of the best shops i’ve ever done business with.

Super friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff. Always have a great selection of bikes and accessories. Mike went above and beyond a few times to assist me and I’d drive in from Orange County any time we need our bikes serviced knowing he’d be there to help. The service guys did an amazing job on all our bikes! Wow what a difference in the ride when you get your bikes tuned up. I know that’s obvious to most but who knew :). Thank you!

I was very pleased with the gentleman I met I got there early not knowing what time they opened and he went ahead and let me in and sold me a Garman to replace the one that was stolen the day before I’m on my way to Chicago and New York City after riding from Fort Worth to Los Angeles so thanks again and I’m sorry I can’t remember the gentleman‘s name but he was very friendly and very helpful