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Care and friendliness

The care and concern for the residents and their families.

I love the attentiveness and care shown to my family member at this facility. Thanks for all you all do!

My dad‘s healthcare team is wonderful. He has been receiving great care, and they have been keeping me updated on his progress.

The facility has taken care of all problems we have encountered up to this point. My mother’s care is extremely important to me. This is a life changing transition for her to enter long term care. I would like to commend Corrine & Lindsay for taking care of these things. Also, I want to commend Jamie & Beth in therapy for welcoming my mother back as she has been here for rehab twice before. I know they are committed to taking care of my dear mom.

Your staff and nurses have been good to me and treat me with respect and I think you ! Raymond Smith

Because of my isolation I have no concept of the community

The staff was friendly. They genuinely cared about my rehab therapy. They also worked together really well to accomplish goals

Communication. OT, speech, nursing and registration staff. They have taken time to discuss my father’s progress and issues. Means a lot since dad’s on the COVID floor and the restriction on visitors. So far so good. Hopefully he gets to work in the gym and his insurance continues to pay.

You specialize in pulmonary problems.

They r very friendly

You have very nice and helpful staff

I have good vibes about how you are caring for my family member. The staff was very nice on the phone

The nurses are knowledgeable, caring, and always call you back.

Caregivers were very nice and helpful

My mom has been well taken care of at this facility by the staff. They go beyond the duties of taking care of my mom personal things and belongings. All you have to do is let them know and leave the rest up to them. They are highly trained in Covid-19 making sure if anyone is positive to either direct the patients or employees into the right direction. Mom seen very happier with the staff.

Clean facility & caring staff

I really don't think it's like about community it's what I like about the Services now I understand why Hillcreek is rated 2 stars thats sad for a place that's responsible for elderly people. Social services ( Tabitha) showed no care or concern about patient who has covid-19 an did nothing to assist the patient care an appeared to be incompetent to do her job.So the community looks nice but the Sevices Are scrap mainly social sevices which needs to be addressed by government An Health dept to make changes an to improve this facility an evaluate some of the personal.This is not a Exceptional living center....

Nice quite clean