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Very good helpers

It takes a number of encounters to determine the compatability of Home Instead Aids and our needs and expectations. We've reached and acceptable arrangement.

My caregiver is caring, kind, punctual. She cares about me and my needs and things that are important to me. She's been exceptionally concerned about me and my health during these uncertain times.

The family portal, the ability for caregivers to respond to changes and needs quickly.

The company has met and exceeded all my needs.

They take good care.

Have you guys help take care of my mom while I am out of state has made a world of difference for us. Just the things that need to be done that she can't do by herself anymore like helping with changing the Linens and checking up on her and if she has to go somewhere we always have an option we can call you guys if she has an appointment. Thank you so much.

Everybody in this organization has been extremely friendly, professional and helpful. We have had two caregivers for the past year and a half, and have been very pleased with both. We appreciate the flexibility in schedules, and ability to make changes quite easily as needed.

Timely, professional, helpful, caring

Dependability--we always have someone! Training could be much better. The first person who came, had never given a bath before. That frightened us!

My sister and I who both work full time knew we needed help taking care of our 83 year old mom, but due to the corona pandemic going on didn't feel it safe to look for an assisted living facility, so we called Home Instead. They sent a consultant the very same day who was knowledgeable, helpful and most of all considerate. Service started the very next morning and has continued for 4 1/2 months without a hitch. Can't say enough good things about mom's two main caretakers. They are absolutely fantastic! Due to their care our mom's health has improved dramatically! Thanks Home Instead, you have been a real relief for us! [NAME REMOVED]

Over all its been a Good Experience ! I only have a couple silly things and maybe its me,after your care giver get comfortable things should become routine . Example: Trash comes every Wednesday( Lets get it out). Recycling comes every other week(Lets get it out). Run the vac several times a week. These are just little thing that should be done. Yet my overall experience is good ,great ladies ,great customer service and staff absolutely No issues . And Yes I indeed would recommend Home Instead ,Mishawaka to friends and relatives and indeed have. [FIRST NAME REMOVED]

All needs have been met and in a timely manner. Caregivers are great and do exactly what is outlined and more!!

Extremely reliable service

The Care Aides are willing to accept outside-the-ordinary issues, such as assist with doctor's appointments, and visits to an urgent care center when needed even if not originally scheduled; help with a sick spouse.

some excellent care givers and some just awful

Been satisfied for 10 yrs.

My family member has had an improved cognitive behavior. Her mood is better, the socialization itself has helped her. Being able to expect someone daily has taken an overwhelming feeling away for her. We will continue to use home Care as long as possible to keep her in her home.

They always let me know what's going on with myy schedule.