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Recent Reviews:

We just started the program with my mother. So far, so good.

I need your help and your helpers work hard to support me.

All nice people I have met so far. Always on time

My father really enjoys the personalized help that his caregiver provides. She does whatever housework & laundry is needed & provides transportation for errands. Our family & I are very happy with the services that Home Instead provides!

So far, new client, your response to our needs have been stellar.

Your people treat us as if we are the purpose of there day ,not an interruption of it, thank you, Mr. Herman

Home Instead is very responsive to a family's needs and works to make their care fit the needs of each senior.

Promptness, dependability, creativity and kindness.

They are very supportive of my 98-year-old mother-in-law. She is very stubborn woman and they are very kind and considerate and understanding of her. In fact I I believe she really enjoys when they come in. They help her, and that’s the most important thing.

My Husband is a Vet and sofar the Nurses they send are working out, But the changes in hour are confusing sometimes,

My caregivers are wonderful

very easy to work with

Jen and Katie (in the office) have been incredible in helping us manage the transition into having my mother-in-law in our home. They are excellent at listening to our needs and making sure to align the caregivers with our needs. We are very happy. Rose (caregiver) is excellent. She handles my mother-in-law's personality like a champ and we feel very comfortable with her in the house. She is able to stand ground with my MIL whenever she refuses help. Ashley (caregiver) was also excellent. Very calm and respectful, my MIL loved her. However, she wasn't able to stand ground whenever it came to accompanying my MIL into the shower and, unfortunately, we needed to request her off the schedule due to us not feeling she could keep my MIL safe with activities that required her to stay with my MIL. With that said, she is also an incredible professional, just not a good fit for us. Jess was a joy to have around. She is friendly, very attentive, and able to stand her ground. Unfortunately, on her first day, my MIL had a dementia episode of confusion and Jess wasn't able to de-escalate the situation and be the calm adult in the room. My husband and sister-in-law did not feel that Jess would be a good fit. But as I mentioned in the beginning, Katie and Jen have been incredible in helping us and we are confident that we will be able to figure this all out long-term.

Love the staff They take awesome care of my father and he enjoys their company.

Clear communication, responsive to questions and requests, good online information provided

They are always willing to help in anyway and very company to my mother!

The people are very nice

I really like our care provider.

First off, the two ladies who take care of my aunt are very capable and caring. They really help my aunt feel like she isn't alone, which is crucial during this challenging time for her. Also, I've contacted the office on occasion, or they have contacted me, and the exchange has always been helpful and pleasant. I have recommended this company to people in need, and will continue to do so.

Excellent and timely communication. Love the printed monthly schedule. Concern from Home Instead about the quality of time spent with your caregiver.