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111 Rhodes Street
Conroe, TX 77301-4425
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Recent Reviews:

Best caregiver!!! Office staff very nice, very helpful. Much better than some previous.

I'm always able to discuss concerns with the same person in the office, who is very encouraging and helpful.

Pam is my mother's current caregiver and she is wonderful. We have always had good experiences with the caregivers you provide. I really like that it is easy to get in touch with someone when I have questions or need to notify you of changes in schedule or any other issue. And, of course, one of the most important things is that your services are reliable. I don't have to worry every morning whether or not the caregiver will be there, I can relax and expect her to be there or you provide a substitute.

You provide quality caregivers.

I REALLY LIKED THAT ALL 4 OF THE LADIES CAME ON TIME, WITH SMILES AND INTRODUCTIONS, AND POSITIVITY, EACH CAREGIVER HAD PLEASANT PERSONALITIES, ASKED FREQUENTLY IF I HAD MORE FOR THEM TO DO FOR ME DURING THEIR SHIFTS, I m especially happy that each one was wiling to drive my car and get me to appointments comfortably while driving safely. not only safely but with a knowledge of the area, and were aware of our surroundings a all times, Kelly, Barbara, and Kathy were delightful drivers. I do not remember the last one's name, however she was excellent. She spent the night, 8p to 8a, We did not visit as much as the others thats why I cannot recall her name. So , all good words and works for your outstanding employees. Their common thread was their helpful spirits.

Having a caregiver from Home Instead assist our elderly parents has given us great peace of mind. Many simple tasks have become more difficult for them to accomplish, but their “sidekick” always steps right in handles things beautifully!

Staff listen to our needs. Care givers listen to requests for my husband and follow my written instructions for his care.

So far I'm very pleased with the services and the people.

Super professional, personal and flexible.

Loved the care our caregiver provided my mom with!

My Mom receives excellent care from Barbara. I can go to work knowing that she has someone who cares for her to take her to appointments as needed and help her with shopping and basic home care. Mom is very independent, but, can't drive anymore, having the caregiver that provides her transportation is a huge help. Thank You!!

I am very likely to recommend Home Instead to others (and do), but service can be improved. A current challenge is getting cash in the hands of caregivers so they can make small purchases for Mom. Mom apparently moves cash from her purse or hiding places in the house to other hiding places unknown to me and the caregivers as well as Mom, who forms little longer term memories. Caregivers are then thwarted from making purchases. We have been told to find better hiding places, but that may be futile given Mom spends most of her waking time going through things in the house (and moving them). Is there another way to handle this? Can caregivers be given small cash advances, to be reconciled when they bring in receipts and the cash purchases added to the bill? Any other suggestions would be welcome. On the positive side, we very much appreciate the care and attention from your employees. This is particularly true when you take Mom to the doctor's office for routine or emergency visits, even outside normally schedule shifts. It is like we have other family members close by. Thank you for your service.

We are very pleased with the people who have been assigned to my mother! The helpers have been very professional and courteous. We are definitely happy.

Doing a great job for my brother. Meeting all of his needs and doing it in a very professional and caring manner. Thank you, [FIRST NAME REMOVED].

The caregiver is prompt and very thoughtful in the care of my friend. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs special care.

The caregivers are very helpful with bedtime and morning routines.

Heidi is as sweet as a peach, trustworthy, willing, good driver, everything in a helper that anybody wants.

We like our Care Giver!!!!

willing to provide assistance on short notice. caregivers are helpful and friendly.

The care providers are skilled and attentive and really sweet ladies.. Their personalities are very warm and caring. Prompt arrival. Office staffing are always there to answer the phone and assistance and prompt to accommodate my needs. Just a great service and I have enjoyed my contact with everyone there.