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HSN has transformed our business and our members lives. We are no longer just a fitness facility. We are actively changing the lives of our members through fitness, Nutrition and accountability. This would not have been possible without the guidance and mentoring we received from HSN.

HSN has given us all the tools to be successful! The training and leadership that HSN provides has given our coaches the expertise and confidence to guide our clients to success in their health and fitness journey. HSN is more than just a nutrition program, it has helped our gym develop into a successful business.

the people, the resources, the support

HSN has empowered us to add an amazing, professional nutrition program to our existing CrossFit gym. As an owner it has been incredible to have a program that works, without having to re invent the wheel. HSN mentoring gives you all the tools from start to finish. From the discovery call to how to post success stories on social media, and content. One of my favorite parts are my mentoring calls and the weekly coaches corner where you get to talk "live" with your peers. HSN empowers you to be a one stop shop of wellness to those that walk in your doors.

HSN helped me to understand how to implement effectively the nutrition program in my box

As a new coach, I have found all the resources and monthly meetings very helpful! It’s great to have a resource at your fingertips with experience and professionalism.

Kayla was there for me at every step of the process. The whole HSN team is approachable, knowledgeable, and extraordinarily helpful. I'm excited to continue to work together!

We are just getting started but excited to bring it to all my clients and everyone else The simple step approach and accountability

HSN Mentoring has been with us every step of the way. They don't just teach and move on, they continue to develop as the months go on. They push to always be better and get you out of your comfort zone which is where the magic happens. I love the positive feedback and non-judgmental way of coaching.

Mentoring and education!

Continued coach development and mapping out how to grow the program

HSN is the most comprehensive nutrition coaching and business mentoring company I have ever encountered. They’ve helped us grow and scale from a non-existent nutrition coaching program in 2020 to a large portion of our gross revenue in 2023

The detail and professionalism in this program is truly amazing! Every single staff member was knowledgeable, organized, warm and friendly, and genuinely cared about the coaches they mentor...along with the clients those coaches are assisting! Any questions I had...were answered...along with video, or template, support. All of the research, preparation, tools, app, templates...you name it...they've thought of it and provided it. Remarkable!

The continued support and guidance we receive on a monthly basis helps us keep the program growing!

HSN took me through the process of starting my nutrition program step by step. As someone who benefits from structure, the way HSN implements it’s program was extremely user friendly and easy to follow.

I love the fact that the HSN nutrition program focuses on adding components, habits and layers rather than taking things way! Creates a very successful environment aimed at wins!

they have given both the resources and training to implement them effectively in the business. best of all everyone involved with HSN is amazing and so nice and was to deal with.

Instead of just telling us how to coach someone through nutrition, the program is built around providing the resources to sell the nutrition. The things other nutrition certifications only touched on if you were lucky. I appreciated that they are continually providing resources and information after the process has been completed too.

It’s plug and play. All the hard work is done for you

We like the creation of content that is already done. You are purchasing a framework and SOPs that just need to be implemented. Great program and a much needed asset to any gym!