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Yes has definitely layed a strong foundation and platform to buid off of.

HSN has transformed our business. It has given us the support, Guidance, Systems and so much more to truly make our business a house of wellness. Our members get better results, They stick around longer and are experiencing amazing transformations. Our vision as a gym is to "to empower people to rise up and take control of their health" and HSN has allowed us to do just that!

The Mentoring calls :)

So many references, easily available. Impressive app. The amount of information available to clients is amazing. I like being able to have my own mentor so I can experience what it is like to be a client. The mentors have been very friendly, helpful, professional and easily reachable.

It's given me so much confidence to lead my athletes into living a better balanced life. Learning that there's so much more than simply 'losing weight'. It's about making sure they've taken a long hard look at their overall habits that could leak into triggering other spectrums of our health wheel. There's a take away at every meeting that doesn't always involve food.

HSN Mentoring has given me every tool I need, from training to marketing, to offer a professional Wellness program to our members. They thought of EVERYTHING! Our clients gain confidence in their ability to make healthy choices knowing they are guided by professional coaches, backed by a program designed by registered Dietitians. Through weekly small group meetings and monthly one-on-one meetings, our coaches have consistent touch points and ample opportunities to continue to grow and learn from leaders in the industry.

They provide the framework, knowledge, training, and support to allow me to level up my services to my clients. I am now able to provide a better product and a higher quality service to them and future clients.

I appreciate that intensive training that is required for coaches as there are a lot of opportunities for furthering and continuing one's education, and the client-centered approach to working with people ensures a successful program!

HSN has helped us not only build a turn key nutrition program in our gym but now has also made onboarding a new nutrition coach incredibly smooth!

Working with HSN has been transformative for our 13 year CrossFit affiliate & has helped us expand our reach to a much broader audience over the last year. Being able to deliver the lifestyle accountability piece that is so desperately needed in our community through the very professional platform and with the support of the HSN mentors & community has been a game changer & I would recommend HSN to anyone looking to help others through lifestyle coaching.

The support, guidance and mentoring I get from HSN is unrivaled and has allowed me to grow my program beyond what we could ever have imagined. This partnership has allowed me to truly make an impact on my members lives.

It's helped me overcome barriers that I've set myself and helped show me the good I can do and the importance of my voice in the field.

I love how organized you all are and it helps me to be organized and look professional. You help to take the guess work out of everything. You all rock!

HSN has helped me develop every aspect of my nutrition program! I would never have had the time or patience to develop all of the materials and train the coaches like HSN. Everything was explained and gone over very well, and I along with my coaches feel confident in our coaching and what we are doing with our clients and nutrition program. I love that everything is already formatted and we just have to tailor it to our specific program! This is a HUGE help and much appreciated!

Unmatched professionalism! It's been such a breath of fresh air not having to re-invent the wheel. All of the systems and processes that were introduced are tried and true. We can finally help MORE people because we have more time, coaches, and mental bandwidth to do so!

I am starting not just my Nutrition Coaching program but also my CrossFit gym, from the ground up. HSN’s Training and mentoring program is extremely well organized. The program is educational, very interactive and my mentors are friendly and truly want to help! HSN’s mentoring program has been the smartest investment I’ve made in gym ownership by far!

I liked all of the online resources and videos to learn from and that I could go back over and over. The sample meetings were very helpful to see how to actually implement what I learned. I appreciate how responsive everyone at HSN is. I've only been to one call with Lindsay but I love the fact that we have monthly meetings scheduled where we can ask questions and can be taught how to do things better. What I like most about the program is the ease at which it is to help clients because it's focused on small habits that build on each other. I like that it's "bite sized" and manageable so that clients can unlearn bad habits and create a new lifestyle that is sustainable.

It's been fantastic! I have been a nutrition coach for ten years, and this is far and away the most thought-out program I've been a part of.

The HSN Mentoring program helped us redesign our nutrition program and be confident in the value we provide. The training intensive goes beyond the nutrition program by helping even our sales process and strategy for all of our memberships. It was worth the investment!

Joining HSN has been the single best decision we made since opening the gym. It has transformed our business and the impact we can now make on our members lives.