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Zara is amazing and explains everything so well!

Great program! Focuses exactly on needs of student. Very goal oriented and excellent parent feedback. Huntington is right on target for length of time needed to achieve results. Mark is an amazing business owner and supports students to lead them to success in school or college testing preparation. My son reached his goal to have scores to receive admission into the college of his choice.

Alpharetta, GA
The service they provided in this center is exceptional. My 11 year old daughter has been getting tutoring here for over a year and my 13 year old son has started for almost half a year, and I can see quite an improvement. They always touch base with me and keeping me updated on their progresses, and i’m very satisfied with everything they’ve done for my children.

All the stuff members are very welcoming, my son teacher Is very nice. My son was having issues in chemistry And than he is getting all A’s. I couldn’t be more happier.

Alpharetta, GA
As you can probably imagine transitioning to another state isn't one that comes with lots of ease, so whenever my child has a smile on her face i'm satisfied. After being unsatisfied with the Huntington Dunwoody location, I decided to give Alpharetta a try and we LOVE it!!!! The staff makes it so amazing, especially Susan. As a result of my daughter being so comfortable, I've been able to see growth within her academics. I'd definitely recommend to location to other families!

I love that my son works with the same person every time he comes. The teacher gets know him well (as a person) and is able to address areas of concern and consistently track his progress toward the goals that have been set.

I love that all students are personalized. Not one fits for all. And that teachers care. I love that I can call Mr. Mike and I am able to personalize my daughters needs in school to her ability. Thank you to Huntington and MR. Mike. Mariella Colette

I Love how my son leaves feeling confident in what he just learned in his sessions and applies it to what he learns in school.

One on one teaching is good

Huntington is one of the best learning center to send your kids at all ages. They are more than just a learning center, they teach your kids how to embrace learning and how to make them feel special about themselves. Our boys were behind and now they're a head in a short amount of time. They love attending Huntington! Nathalie

From the minute I made the initial call to Huntington to inquire information about the program they offer for ACT/SAT prep I was was a very informative call. In just one month my son raised his ACT score 7 points. The staff is very friendly and accommodating when it comes to scheduling and I can't wait to see where the next month of tutoring takes him.

The assessment process was thorough and the plan was made to address these specific issues. I would like to see what he is doing each session and some feedback on how he is progressing.

I genuinely appreciate how Mr. Mark and Ms. Yvonne really listen to my concerns and work with me to keep my son motivated. He especially finds working with Mr. Mark very helpful and says, “he gets me!” It’s been a pleasure having them work with us and be on this educational journey together.

The Huntington team members are caring, accommodating and enjoy what they do. Both of our kids have benefitted substantially and don't mind / actually look forward to their sessions because of the friendly and supportive environment.

My son has made such good progress in Language Arts! Although it's been a short time since we've joined, the results are very promising. I would definitely recommend Huntington Learning Center to all parents of students who need help with academics.

Individualized tutoring service. 1:1 ratio. Pay per service.

It is well organized and excellent progress reports

So far my child is coming along nicely.

Great assistance and diligent to help the students succeed!

They are welcoming and very professional. Excellent teachers always willing to work with your student. I like their flexibility and cooperation to work around your schedule. The best part is that my student looks forward to their session at Huntington. This is a place for struggling and for students who need to be challenged.