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Recent Reviews:

So far the process has been positive and upbeat

They listen to issues and come up with a perfect plan that makes a difference which is noticeable with in a few sessions.

My son is finally excited about learning again. The staff and director are all very professional, kind and genuine. I'm so glad we chose Huntington!

Everything, so helpful I have had two of my children go there and it was such an amazing experience and gave both of them the help needed. Thank you, Jenn

The one on one tutoring and frequent meetings about my student’s progress.

Great to work with! They work with my crazy schedule and make sure my daughter feels comfortable. She has made great progress in many areas of concern especially reading.

Very professional, super good with keeping in touch and explaining options. Very positive for both parent and child.

Willingness to evaluate my child and follow through with adjusting her schedule to meet her needs with the instructor. Willingness to chat about growth or lack of growth. Kind hard working faculty.

Josh is enjoying his time with the teachers.

My daughter has already gained so much confidence towards taking her next ACT. It has only been 2 weeks and she is like a new kid with the strategies and techniques they have reviewed and taught so far. It has been well worth every dime and she loves her instructors.

Very accommodating to my busy schedule. I live 40 miles from Billings. They were understanding when I needed to reschedule. Always returned my phone calls the same day. Pleasant tutors and staff. My son felt welcomed and respected. My son learned a lot and did not dread going to Huntington learning Center! Thank you.

It’s amazing how fast our daughter was able to raise her scores. They do amazing things for your children at Huntington!! Thank you

I liked that you take time to get the student assess their desires and create a a plan to help them achieve their goals! As a parent I was satisfied with the plan that was created for my child and the expectation that set

Very professional.

My son has only had one session but he was very excited afterwards. He really liked the teacher and said she made his first session really fun and he was very motivated to learn

Response for evaluation was quick. Everything has been explained well- regarding a plan for our child’s learning and what is expected. Our child enjoys their time there. It is too soon to say it is working, but we are extremely hopeful and excited for this journey as a family!

My daughter took the pre ACT found out where she was at as far as the test taking strategies; and now we are working on those to improve her score.

Great learning center. Did have some issues when trying to reschedule a study session but for the most part staff was very good with my son and prepared him well.

The staff was very kind and accommodating with schedules. We were well informed by the office of any changes in schedules (holiday rescheduling). The tutor was kind. Though, I’m not so sure she was an effective teacher. In her defense, she had the patience of a saint. Our son’s test scores remained the same, except in the case of reading, where he actually dropped for the first time in his school test taking history. This was very disappointing, to say the least. The set program moved quite slow. When we sat down with Jennifer, she explained that our son’s math could be accelerated. He was quite capable, she explained. It wasn’t until he brought up that he was doing the same exact program for 3 months, then we had a meeting to request to kick the next part of his math into gear. Getting down to basics was necessary, but more challenging and critical thinking would have been nice since the program was explained that way. It was also explained that by teaching critical thinking, this would impact his executive functioning skills. After meeting with the teacher several times, we found out that his executive functioning skills had not improved, as we had hoped by paying for a tutor. One positive aspect was that we were given fantastic direction of how to get an 504 plan developed. That was helpful for test taking, though his test scores never improved. Overall, the staff is kind. It was great practice for our son, though the results never showed it. The program was lacking and we never saw any results that would show us that the money was well spent to improve his performance. The program product was oversold and the product was poorly delivered. We gave a 7 because the staff is nice.

I always feel like my child is well cared for and supported during his time at Huntington.