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10400 Baltimore Street
Blaine, MN 55449
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Circle Pines, MN
Supportive, informative, clear expectations for both sides. Despite my daughter scoring really high on practice ACT they understood her desire to score even higher.

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Thorough assessment process.

Minneapolis, MN
Valerie! She is amazing. She assured me. Came up with a plan for my child. Implemented this plan. Matched tutors for the child. In about 1 month I noticed drastic changes in my child's performance at school. He is more confident. He is motivated to try harder. Valerie has joy and compassion for her students and job. KEEP HER!

The explanation about the placement tests, direct feedback on the results, and expedition management established at the first meeting about how the student will get retaught the fundamentals. The first visit my stepson was extremely hesitant and compared himself to a “dummy” because he had to get assistance bringing his comprehension to his current grade. After the first session he came skipping out of the building saying “it only get like I was in there for 10 minutes” and “the teacher wouldn’t do my work for me, she showed me my mistakes and helped me through the process”. Me personally, I’m ecstatic to hear that! His attitude spoke volumes!

Our son has only just started at Huntington Learning Center, however we have been really impressed with the services they provide. Our son also comes home stating he's enjoyed his time at the center.

It works. It is focused on how to take the test.

Friendly and professional

That it's made interesting and fun so my. Hold is excited when she has to go there

My daughter asked to go back after her first session

They made my child feel confident. I am so glad we signed her up. Would recommend to anyone.

Our son is having fun, and so proud to share his progress. We are so thankful he is getting back on track!

I have used your services in the past and your approach is successful. I have an older daughter that raised her score 4 points!

Andover, MN
Our son has experienced great hands on tutoring. He has enjoyed all of the instructors

The individualized care and attention they provide for my son is amazing. He struggles with school, has since very early on. However he has never once complained about going to Huntington. It’s one of his few his safe places.

My son does not like school at all. But he enjoys coming to Huntington and is even excited and energized when I pick him up from his 2 1/2 hours. Thank you so much

The tutoring was specific to my daughter’s needs. A detailed plan was made and followed! I feel that the tutors were knowledgeable and professional! We will definitely use Huntington for our other children to prepare for the ACT!

One on one, very encouraging.

Elk River, MN
The availability of the teachers, and their ability to connect with my son.

Very thorough, very nice tutor!