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We've been so happy with the progress Tyson has made over the last several months. While it could be a stressful situation, he leaves every session happy and calm. Each tutor goes out of their way to understand his needs and changes their approach when necessary - even if that means taking a break. Tyson talks about his tutors as friends and while studying isn't necessarily 'fun' for him, he enjoys his time while at Huntington. He feels accepted, comfortable, and confident. For all of this, we are very grateful to everyone on the team.

Focussed guidance on SAT preparation

My son is improving his grades and he enjoys going there. Excellent communication with staff regarding schedules, needs and progress.

Greta job. Thank you for all that you guys do.

The tutors are the best!!! They facilitated the love of learning and my child’s self confidence has sky rocketed impacting his overall progress in school.

My son has only had one session. After his first session, I was apprehensive about how he was going to come out of his session. I was pleasantly surprised when he bounced out with a huge smile on his face. He very much enjoyed working with Jamison and has an entirely new outlook on receiving tutoring.

They have helped my kiddos so much and work with their teachers to tailor-make the tutoring services!

We adore the people that work specifically with our children and they have really been helpful with discovering where help is needed. The staff is great and we would refer to everyone!

We liked that the center was focused on our child as we thought they should be and would go over strategies to improve and increase scores and understanding of materials. The feedback back to the parents was very good.

The individulaized tutoring plans and Huntington's curriculum.

Communication and willingness to work with my child and our family needs

Kind, personable, professional, and prompt service.

I liked that the course is tailored for our daughter. Huntington assessed her, then made a plan. We discussed the plan, gave our input, then she started. Her tutors are wonderful, they challenge her in a way that motivates her. She is genuinely interested in improving her study habits, her grades and achieving a good SAT score. The investment is well worth it!

The testing was great at targeting deficits and the program is focused on addressing them. Love the feedback, the reliability and consistency of the lessons.

The attention and help offered to my son.

I love that everyone my son has met and/or worked with has been such a positive light. He loves going to his sessions and is excited to be going regularly - and this from a 7 year old that hates school. Thank you so much!

The one-on-one tutoring for my son is a great fit for him and I can see his confidence improving weekly.

Great teacher and well organized schedule from admin. My kid is motivated to attend Huntington to improve his score on test.

Huntington Boise, focus on students goal and work with them to improve their grade.

Very organized, friendly, and good communication.