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Recent Reviews:

Friendly. Professional. Awesome staff. Everyone at Huntington goes above and beyond. We would highly recommend them!

Good program but hard to schedule for my daughter. Most weekend slots are booked

Boulder, CO
Staff is responsive and they really focus on my child

Broomfield, CO
My son is really enjoying tutoring for high school Math with Huntington. The tutors are not only very skilled but provide an atmosphere that is non-intimidating and promotes learning. He is not only scoring better, but able to enjoy his math class more now that he feels more confident in his abilities. Highly recommended!!

Erie, CO
Melissa has been wonderful working with our daughter who has dyslexia...she has increased her self esteem and ability to believe in herself that she is smart although most schools make dyslexic children feel stupid or not smart.

Broomfield, CO
Great people who care about the development of their students!

Cannot thank you all enough for how amazing my son is doing in reading. We could not have done it without you all!

Great teachers so far. Positive feedback. Only one was a bad fit and we asked to not have her again.

Broomfield, CO
The team and Huntington provides an overall positive experience! The are very knowledgeable, offer great advice for both in and out of tutoring, and make you feel quite comfortable with their team and the entire process. Can't say enough!

Boulder, CO
The customized plan and individual attention helped my son to improve his score greatly by teaching him how to be a better test taker, what to expect and to utilize strategies. The repetition helped develop a level of comfort and time management required to do well. The instructors were great individuals which makes a big difference in success.

Thornton, CO
My daughter hasn't yet taken the ACT test but she has enjoyed each session with her instructors and we're hopeful to see that level of comfort reflected in her score. Melissa and her staff are accommodating, encouraging and do their best to see the students succeed!

Broomfield, CO
You were able to help raise my daughter's ACT score to the goal promised.

Friendly staff - and they get great results!!!

Broomfield, CO
My son started learning, writing real ACT Exams, getting them reviewed. This process helped him a lot to increase his score before joining the Learning Center.

Boulder, CO
Huntington changed my daughter’s life. Not only did she learn the English, Math, Science and Reading skills that she didn’t learn in high school but she also became more confident in herself as a scholar. And she loved going because they made it fun. Teachers at Broomfield Huntington are amazing. The Best. Her ACT score went up 7 points and she was awarded free tuition. Best decision we ever made for our daughter.

Huntington has worked with my Junior in HS to help her improve her score on the ACT significantly. They are responsive, organized, and their instructors are fantastic!

It works! Nice competent educators

They are customized to my child’s needs and they are working.

Clearly, Huntington knows what the student needs to learn to score better on the tests. Their formula works!

My daughter's ACT score increased dramatically after tutoring at Huntington for a few months