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175 E. Alex-Bell Road, Suite 212
Centerville, OH 45459
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Well trained staff

Dayton, OH
I like how they tailor instruction to the individual student.

Dayton, OH
Attention to detail and the organized plan for my son.

Very accommodating when we’ve had to reschedule. My son has never complained about going and when I pick him up he’s all smiles. This was not the case during his regular school year.

Dayton, OH
We are so pleased with the help our son is being given, but just as important, he is treated with dignity and respect. There is no question that Karen and her staff want the best for Jon.

Consistent teacher methods and materials. Monthly parent/director check in meetings.

Dayton, OH
Very professional and very respectful of the student.

Bellbrook, OH
Child’s improvement

Services are Tailored to my child’s learning needs

Huntington services are custom to my son’s learning needs.

Consistent program.

So far Huntington seems to have a systematic approach towards assessment and teaching.

Good program and helping our child achieve his ACT goals.

Monthly feedback/progress sessions, instructor ability to change teaching plan as needed based on testing results, approachable staff

Everyone takes pride in their jobs and love to help kids. My child is doing better get some confidence and he steals working on it. I'm glad I picked hunting learning center for my child. He is getting it slowly for shortly. Thank you, everyone that is helping my son Keyshawn.

Wholistic approach.. improve all skills, reading comprehension, vocabulary and math. They teach skills that schools should be teaching, but don’t anymore. For example, root words, prefixes, suffixes, outlining. Foundational skills!

Great instruction and making a impact on daughter’s score

Dayton, OH
They work!! My son has improved his ACT scores a few points already, and he isn’t finished with the program yet!!

We have had the opportunity to work with Huntington Learning Center in Centerville, OH twice. We still have a 16 yo enrolled but on a temporary break. Karen, Josh and team are extremely helpful and dedicated to the kids learning the basics and fundamentals. Our son has made steady progress in his weakest subject (math) while strengthening his English skills. They're flexible, available and fairly priced. Well worth the investment and, highly, recommended.