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The team was amazing with my son! Their plan to get him up to his reading level took him leaps and bounds and made him a more confident reader. They also helped him hone his math skills.

We are listened, your expertise and flexibility.

We are seeing great progress in our child. The regular meetings to check in are a great way to keep up with how things are going. We also appreciate the flexibility in scheduling due to sports and unforeseen events.

Deep analysis of our daughter’s strength and weakness on each subject, clear and effective instructions, and quick and easy communication

It’s very organized, communication is efficient and very focus on results.

Thorough, well thought out plan to help our son. The team listened and understood our frustrations and our son’s frustrations. I appreciate their focus on boosting confidence.

Personal and accurate analysis

Very professional and on top of schedules because of holidays. Very quick to answer our questions .

Excellent services and very specified to my child.

It's just the beginning of my son's journey with you guys that's why I'm not giving you 10. So far I'm very pleased with the evaluation progress, time to get answers from our Center, and availability to schedule classes.

Individual teaching approach after evaluating the level of the child and then working along with the student to ensure the student is on track is a good thing. I recommend Huntington learning center.

Cincinnati, OH
Communication was great. My kids learned a ton.

Very accommodating and geared to the individual.

Huntington teachers, their philosophy and programs have literally changed the course of my 3 children and their experiences in school. I don’t want to even think about where they could be struggling and what doors would be closed without it being for the education that they have received from Huntington Learning Center and opening those doors up for them. Thank you!!! Amanda

The communication from the assistant director is great. The incentives for the kids and the conferences

Taking time to get to know my child and how to talk with him to draw him out. Recognizing that he needs to move up a level and not sticking to rules with regard to hours attended.

There are instances when the results of the services your child receives at Huntington are readily apparent, like when our son's practice PSAT score in reading went from the 54th percentile to the 85th percentile. Thanks Huntington!

Explanation of costs and services are clear. Follow up on student progression regularly.

I appreciate the team at Huntington that has gotten to work wonders with my daughter to improve her study habits, learning development, test taking, homework skills and took time to personally get to know her as a person to help her succeed with her future education