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1430 Kelly Johnson Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
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May 16, 2019
Jen Starkey
The staff and teachers at Huntington have been so kind and welcoming, and have made my boys feel extremely comfortable with the tutoring process. It feels like they go above and beyond to really focus on what’s in the best interest of the kids from start to finish. They are friendly, courteous, and very professional and have earned my trust as a parent. I would absolutely recommend their program.
February 9, 2019
Shane Koss
Hi, my name is Shane Koss and I love Huntington. The tutor that I have, Martin, is so understanding and creative and the entire staff roots for me. They are an amazingly support group of outstanding people. 11/10
December 20, 2018
Julie Olsen
Our experience at Huntington in Colorado Springs has been very positive. I have a third grader who was behind a full grade level at the end of second grade. We have been using Huntington for 7 months usually going once a week and my son has improved a full grade level or more in some areas and he no longer feels like he is lost in the classroom. The staff at this location are kind and compassionate, and take the time to listen to updates on what my child is struggling with at school. I also appreciate that they take the time to schedule meetings with my child's teacher to coordinate his learning experience. The one-to-one teaching really makes all the difference for my child to be able to understand new concepts. All the teachers have been great! Huntington tries to keep my child with the same teacher or teachers on a regular basis so that the teacher can learn my child's learning style and adapt his program accordingly. Overall, I would recommend Huntington to anyone who wants any kind of academic help for their child and doesn't want to use traditional routes that the schools offer. Huntington builds my child's self-esteem and love of learning while making sure he has a solid foundation for success in the future. The Olsen Family
December 16, 2018
Colorado Springs, CO
Personalized attention to work on what you don't already know.
August 8, 2018
Arlene Alvarez
They are thorough, encouraging and truly cares about the children's progress.
June 2, 2018
Helpful and friendly staff. A place that really wants to help this community!
February 10, 2018
Personalized attention for my daughter.