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Very good service. Would be perfect but at times there is turnover in tutors.

Fort Lauderdale, FL
Thoroughness Thoughtfulness Intensity of the program Ensuring that the student learnd

Pompano Beach, FL
Professional with the students

My daughter was struggling in 3rd grade. Her teacher already anticipated her repeating 3rd grade and let me know that if she didn't pass the FSA reading she would have to repeat the 3rd grade. We had a conference and she let me know its highly likely my daughter would have to repeat. She scored a grade 1 on the BAS (equivalent to the real test). She stated she has never had a student with grades like hers to end up passing. Her portfolio was not good enough for her to pass either. I took my chances regardless of the lack of faith my daughter's teacher had in her. Conference was March 6, I found Huntington learning center and started my daughter on March 13th. She took her state test on April 2 &3rd. Due to the timing and how close her exam was coming up I ended up sending her 5 days a week for 2 hour sessions at a time. She enjoyed every session. And guess what....SHE PASSED!!! In less than a month with Huntington my daughter did it. Her confidence and drive is through the roof. She loves learning and looks forward to going every week. Thankyou Huntington!!! I see the difference in my daughters approach to learning. You were worth every penny!

We have been very impressed with the amount of dedication this center gives to their students. My son really seems to be flourishing there and has made big gains since starting his program. I can see the confidence building in him and he seems so proud and happy after every session.

Top notch test prep teachers

My daughter enjoyed very much to learn at Huntington, she said the teachers are very nice and very helpful. Hilary, the manager is very helpful and very patient and helped me a lot. Thank you so much for all you do.

Back in March my son's teacher was speaking about retention and how he was so far behind in his reading. By the end of the school year she felt he was ready to be promoted. WE knew we had the summer to reinforce and continue to build his skills. He's gone from trying to decode words to actually reading! We as a family, are grateful for his effort but for Huntington's commitment to help him move forward.

One on one tutoring

The staff is very professional, attentive and extremely friendly. They are knowledgeable and task oriented.

Pompano Beach, FL
The one on one attention the students receive.