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Everybody is supportive and super helpful and they take time to get to know exactly what their students need.

My daughter really enjoys her lessons and says that she feels better at school about her work. She is so much more confident with her homework and said that she is learning some things at Huntington first before she learns them at school. She has advanced a grade level in all areas and has received 100% on her last six or more spelling tests, which makes her feel proud! And moreover she says she has fun while she’s there.

I was skeptical at first, but we had read good reviews online. After going a few months we have already seen a lot of improvement. Our child still isn’t on grade level, so I wish we would have started earlier. They started with the fundamentals based on a series of tests to see the strengths and weaknesses in each area of reading acquisition. It really has helped build a more solid foundation, and we are very grateful.

Personal attention and feedback :)

Kerrville, TX
Good service. Easily reachable. Provides flexibility in the scheduling.

The Best Teachers one to one with my girl , love it

You all turned my emotional turmoil into a plan that is clear and precise to realistically move forward. I was asked what my goal or expectation was from this process. I simply replied back with the fact I do not even know what a smart, achievable goal is at this point. I was so overwhelmed that I didnt know where to start. Thank you for your genuine concern, thoughts, and passion to help my son begin building his confidence back. I wish I had reached out to you all sooner. Ana and Mrs. Smith are amazing, kind women. This is an experience that I know my son will walk away from feeling much better, compared to him walking in at the beginning. I look forward to the updates you will be providing. I really appreciate what you all do there. I know my son has only been a few visits. But I can already tell that he walks lighter on his feet just knowing he has the proper support. That is something I was not equipped to provide. Thank you!!

The tutors and staff really care about the students and make them feel at home.

We have been in the program for 2 weeks. My teenage son has been struggling in school, so we came for help in several areas. So far, I see a spark of confidence in him, and a genuine interest in his subjects that was not there before. Hoping that the performance improvement will follow!

Good service

Communication between everyone

Huntington has helped my son to become confident about school. He has been able to improve his grades and work faster at school (no more math homework every day!!!). When we started the program he was very sad about spending part of his summer studying but he actually loves his teachers and all the staff at Huntington.

It's been a great experience for us as a parents, and for my daughter, she is taking the SAT preparation. They are (Huntington staff) so well prepared and commited with their job, By giving us advice and feedback about my daughter's progress, also about What they do, checking and review homeworks, etc... In particular I'm thankful for Ana, Who is the center director, because she is bilingual, and she answers any question I have.