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I appreciate that the content is specifically tailored to each child and the personal approach from the administration and teachers. Both of my kids have made so much progress that I directly attribute to Huntington Learning Center!

Supplemental learning

My son has been studying at Huntington Learning Center for almost a year now. His confidence, organization skills and consequently grades have improved. Work ethics of achieving higher goals by studying hard is undeniably a virtue. He is learning skills that will serve him well in his future life. Thank you !!

The services seem to be building skill and confidence in my daughter.

Folsom, CA
I love how everyone at Huntington is personally invested in my daughter's success and truly care about her. They are active advocates for her at her school and they know exactly what she needs to not only improve her performance, but to be happy, too.

The way Huntington does the assessment is very through. They share their plan at the beginning. We meet monthly to check progress. They have a very friendly staff

Very good! I would recommend it to my friends too.

Overall, I am very pleased with how my daughter is advancing in the areas of study that we were most concerned with (Reading primarily and Math secondly). We have been working with 3 additional Teachers at her Elementary school in addition to her assigned Teacher daily and have also had her enrolled in an extended day program so she is able to work with each of these watchers to focus on her troubles with Reading. We have been doing this now for 3 1/2 years with little success or advancement. My daughter was enrolled in huntington at the end of June and it is now her first week back to school. She went from not being able to recognize sight words or read sentences to being able to read a ling in her Chapter books with me daily and recognizing more words than I thought possible in such a short time frame! Her confidence has soared through the roof and she is also moving along in her Math skills as well. I was very impressed how in tune and attentive Huntington was right from the start when her assessment was conducted. They picked up on things that I have been trying to relay to teachers and family members for YEARS in a matter of a two hour visit and testing with her and without any implications from me- THAT alone won me over right from the start and showed me that they know what they are doing and have her beat interest in mind! I couldn’t be more thrilled and although it can be a bit pricey- it is so worth it and the payment options available definitely helped to make this all a possibility for our daughter!

I love how friendly and helpful the staff is. I love how much my daughter's confidence has risen since she started! I also appreciate how her learning is at her pace and making it fun.

Great program that keeps learning fun and interesting. Staff is really nice and helpful. 😊

The learning environment is very friendly and fun for all the kids. Huntington's commitment to the kids is genuine and consistent. They are very protective of the kids and are willing to follow up with schools that are not up to par helping kids with learning issues - they are serious about how important proper schooling is and how the kids can excel with the proper help.

It is truly helping my daughter. From front office to instructor they are easy to work with.

So far so good. Too early to tell

We have been using Huntington only for a short time now but are very satisfied with their service. They are very responsive and flexible when needed. Can not what to see our Daughter grow through this experience.

Clean facilities in a safe areas, certified teachers, my son likes it.

Folsom, CA
Everyone is so supportive and invested in my daughter's success. I feel like I have a team of people who understand the unique challenges my daughter has and are willing to do whatever is needed to get her on a better path.

Patient with my child when she gets frustrated with the topic. Very helpful with iep meetings and willing to try different teaching methods to assist with learning

Folsom, CA
I feel like my daughter is getting focused attention to help her specific challenges and that everyone wants to see her succeed.