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The one on one tutoring is the most effective. I am pleased with the willingness to try different tutors to find the right fit for my son. Everyone learns differently and this program is able to tailor my son’s needs.

knowledgeable, friendly, organized, beneficial

Bryn loves going and feels like the tutors really know their stuff and care about her success. Chuck is very personable and we have enjoyed our entire Huntington experience.

Fort Collins, CO
They created a specialized program for our daughter to help her achieve a better SAT score in a short time. It was intense but it was successful!

The quality of the content. The quality of the teachers. The capacity of reaching the student's weaknesses.

Fort Collins, CO
We'll see once scores come in, but the staff was incredibly prompt and helpful. I think my son learned a lot and will be well prepared.

Fort Collins, CO
I was impressed with Chuck's attention to detail and how he spoke directly to my daughter about her strengths and what they could work on to improve her test scores. We like the flexibility in scheduling. We know that you try to pair the kids with the same tutors for consistency, but sometimes the kids' schedules are crazy or don't fit the same tutor. Having the flexibility to come in as needed is appreciated.

I feel like they do a thorough job examining where my students strengths and weaknesses are in order to focus on what is really needed for test preparation.

Paying attention to details when customizing the one on one classes and following through

They are individually tailored for my child.

I had a meeting with my daughters teacher last week and my daughter went up 1 whole grade since she has been going to Huntington. (About 4-5 months) The domino effect of doing better has boosted my daughters confidence and attitude towards school and her teachers. This service is worth the price if you want your kids to feel better school and life in general. I also want to give a shout out to Amanda, the secretary and definitely my daughter and I's favorite teacher Barrett. Barrett is very good working with Peyton and he always takes the time to come out with Peyton and talk to me about her progress. He is such a great teacher! Thank you -Sarah

They meet or exceed expectations.

I like that the services are specified for each child. They do a great job of assessing each student and their skill levels. From there, setting a program that’s beneficial for that child!

Instructor knowledge and coaching students. Hours flexible and close proximity to services.

Conveniently located, well thought through organization for scheduling.

My daughters score went up a fair amount after just two or three weeks of sessions. I wish we had timed it to start earlier as the training obviously is relevant and helpful. Highly recommend.

Firestone, CO
Teacher are helpful and informative and patient

Individual plan development

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. My daughters really love working with their teachers and look forward to each session.

I appreciate how responsive staff are to questions, the need to reschedule, and the need to have a lot of options for taking practice tests, etc. They are very supportive of busy students!