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We have had great success. My daughter has learned so much. Her grades skyrocketed. Great service and excellent communication. So much flexibility with scheduling.

It was a great experience all the way around. Especially obtaining direction in preparing for College Admission.

Houston, TX
Personalized attention!

For first time Parents looking at colleges for their child, It was great to work with a Professional who understands the system, has a game plan to follow to ensure you are on the right path toward a successful outcome.

Wonderful, caring instructors.

Houston, TX
Increases kids’ confidence, which is half the battle.

Houston, TX
You were quite organized in structuring my son's preparation for the SAT. The ladies who own and manage the HLC that we used in West University cared deeply about our son's progress and success. Both of our children have used HLC and both scored in the top 1% of test takers nationally in the ACT and SAT. Thank you!

After struggling for years trying to figure out how to get my son to even try new concepts, I have finally seen my son tell me he knew what to do. To see him be confident in his knowledge is absolutely beautiful. I always believed that he was a smart kid who just didn't learn the same way that I did. But to actually see that the teaching methods Huntington provided connect the dots and see him do it is absolutely amazing. Thank God we found you.

Houston, TX
The teachers are excellents

Houston, TX
Professional, try to be accommodating to schedule shifts which I am sure is touch, the tutors seem to know their stuff.

We just started going to Huntington and so far have been throughly impressed. My son has never been enthusiastic about anything that deals with additional learning or class work. Thanks to his new tutor he seems to be having fun and not complaining about going. I hope to see this attitude translate to school as well!

Lola went from a B to an A in Math this semester thanks to Huntington Learning Center

Highly qualified tutors all...the...time.

Houston, TX
Wendy is awesome at soothing parents' worries, encouraging students, keeping the process of learning calm and forward moving. She looks at each student as an individual with strengths and opportunities for growth and recognizes that the learning style is key to comprehension. The entire staff has helped my teenager go from someone who hates math to someone who sees that math can be "easy" when it's taught in a way she understands it.

The one on one tutoring allows kids to build their confidence, which results in improved academics.

The staff and tutors are very knowledgeable and caring. My children have used many tutor services in the past and we found that Huntington has excellent materials which helped them improving reading comprehension.

The caring attitudes standout the most to me but overall the services are good.

Pleasant and kind staff.

Bellaire, TX
The tutors and staff are very friendly. My daughter liked Chris because he explained the Chemistry lessons better than my daughter’s Chemistry teacher did. He was easy to talk to and engaging, and made Chemistry easier to understand.

After my son's turtoring he had marked improvement in his test scores!