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Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
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Laguna Niguel, CA
It’s hard to find tutoring for Spanish language high school classes. I like how you offer that and make it easy to get help.

Program tailored for your needs! Sweet and professional customer service very knowledgeable staff and most important things is that you have someone you can talk to and to be trusted.

Huntington approaches tutoring with the individual student firmly at the center. They do not provide a cookie-cutter solution, but rather specific plans for each student. Our son has received great benefits from a program designed to build and strengthen his English skills. The center works with both the parent and the student to ensure positive progress is made.

I like that Huntington Learning Center takes a one on one custom approach with each person.

My daughter loves going to Huntington. She bonds quickly with all her tutors and she has made great strides since she started.

Professional and friendly staff.

Aliso Viejo, CA
Matthew has been really helpful. After just one month, My daughter has already seen improvement in her ACT practice test results.

We are so happy with teachers and program at Huntington. The program has helped both of my daughters bring their grades up. The teachers are so helpful and supportive and they go above and beyond! We are so happy with Huntington

They are attentive to my son's special needs.

Huntington Learning Center has been so helpful to my daughter. Their teaching has helped her succeed in school thus far.

You created a very clear and individualized plan and then helped my daughter execute the plan with GREAT success!!

Friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating

You kept my daughter accountable, you had excellent follow-up and you delivered on your end, she got the score she was hoping to achieve. A+ to the entire Laguna Niguel team!

Our kids love Huntington Tutoring center. The program is excellent and the staff are soooooo nice. Our favorite part is that we like the communications between Huntigton teachers and our kids school teachers. When we went to open house our kids schools teachers were very happy with the progress our kids had accomplished since the beginning of the school year. Flexible hours and great location. Parents can run errands, grap a cup of coffee across the street to work on paperwork or shop :)

Ilse Hayes- The director is very caring and always comes out and greets us. Teresa is his usual teacher and has a very nice relationship with my grandson- He has respect for the staff and I am very grateful for their tutoring. Mary Lou [LAST NAME REMOVED]’s

Personal. They really f/u with the student talking to the teachers and emails them. They monitor your child’s performance in school. They also work with you to find the tutor that fits best with your child.

Personal. They work out schedule with you. They follow up with the teachers in school. They update the parents. They find who best works with your child. They listen to your requests in terms of finding the right tutor. They adjust to what your child needs so they can change the plan anytime such as when an exam comes up...they can work on that beforehand. Thank you.

Huntington's has been a wonderful program for my 8th grade son. He his confidence has improved and his writing an comprehension skills have improved and he is not at grade level. My son enjoy's going to Huntington's because he see's the benefits of what he is learning and he wants to continue to succeed. Thank you Huntington's!

Personalized. They call on the teacher to inquire about performance in school and they work out a plan to address problems.

My son has been working with Huntington Learning Center for about 6 months and we have seen such a positive transformation in him. His reading, writing, and comprehension have substantially improved. His writing is more descriptive and meaningful and he is proud of his work. He makes additional effort in completing his math work, checking the details. My son has developed relationships with his tutors and enjoys going to Huntington's, he recognized the benefits of what he is learning and the dedication the tutors have to help him be successful. Working with the team at Huntington's Learning Center has bee a wonderful experience, I wish we had started sooner. Thank you.