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Lakeland, FL 33813
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My daughter had success. My son has only attended one session so far but liked his teacher and is happy to complete the program.

So far everyone has been very nice. My son has just had 2 sessions so far but he leaves with a smile on his face.

Mulberry, FL
I have been very impressed with how in tune the staff is with my granddaughters emotional well being as it relates to her struggles academically. They really seem to understand what she is going through and genuinely want her to feel comfortable.

That it is individualized for my child and not standard for everyone else.

That you have meetings every month and discuss the progress of my child.

My son feels so much more confident after only 2 lessons.

Everything. My daughter had a hearing problem that center helped identify, come up with a plan for her type of hearing loss, and kept me in constant contact with her progress. I am happy to report my daughter passed the FSA and got a passing score also on her ACT. We owe alot to the Lakeland Huntington Center. I was so blessed and happy with every step in this program. Her tutor was top notch and Hailey enjoyed meeting with her every week remotely. We LOVE Huntington and the results and confidence they gave my child. Can’t wait to come back and work on college test score prep with them.

They are amazing they really care about my child and work very hard in helping him archive his Maximus potential.

It’s very personalized. The teachers are experts in their field. Amazing services! The director of our center is very knowledgeable. I would say she is the best in her field. There is no comparison.

Very helpful ...with Emmy with a child with learning disabilities

Personal touch, customized service, everyone was very helpful and friendly.

My daughter started there before preschool to get ready for the classroom environment. She also did kindergarten prep with Huntington. Since being in kindergarten she has made all a's and has just recently scored in the 99th percentile on her STAR evaluation. I know this would not have happened without Huntington. She loves going there and loves telling me what she likes about each teacher she works with.

In the short period of time that my daughter has been receiving services, i can tell the huge difference in her writing and her reading. Also, the staff is AMAZING, kind, dedicated and caring. Totally will reccomend to any parent that knows their child is struggling with some materials in school. Thanks for the awesome job!!!

Everyone at the learning center has been very welcoming & easy to work with.

People and good communication

Plant City, FL
The staff was friendly.

Quality, friendly, professional, flexible.

I LOVE Huntington!!!! My daughter came to Huntington in 2nd grade on a beginning of Kindergarten reading and comprehension level. She is in the middle of 3rd grade and has been going to Huntington for almost a year and now is almost on level. The confidence my daughter has when she reads , when she understands, is a look that as mother brings you so much happiness. Huntington was the BEST decision we ever made for our daughter! The South Lakeland Center off Florida Ave is AMAZING!! The teachers, the staff, The Centers Manager Kristi AMAZING! I reccomend Huntington to everyone!

Kristy has been amazing at listening to our concerns as well as helping us figure out who is going to be best for what subject with my daughter!

Very friendly staff, great communication with parents.