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The accessibility of the Directors and the Tutors. From the very beginning Bhunesh (Director) listened to our concerns, showed empathy and compassion and shared a plan for moving forward. Assessments were taken, candid discussions were held with our entire family (husband and I and our student) to share the current state and map out future state goals. Bhunesh attended meetings with the school instructors and our family and also advocated what HLC does and can do for our student and in partnership with the learning team at the Delaware Area Career Center. He is always very consultative and communicates along the way and most importantly he is so supportive and encouraging of our student letting her know that she does not have to give up on her goals just work harder to meet them and that HLC will be there every step of the way.

The honestly and commitment!

My daughter loves going to Huntington. The center has done an excellent job tailoring a plan for her. The staff is always professional, very friendly, and very committed to seeing her grow. As a parent, I love the data that is collected and regular meetings to discuss progress. Her confidence has soared!

How organized and how targeted your tutoring services are--starting with diagnostic tests.

The staff is extremely knowledgeable and client focused! It has been a life changing experience.

My son is becoming more comfortable with studying. He says he’s learning a lot!

The one on one tutor sessions and working with tutors who are subject specialized were key to her progress. My daughter learned more in the first session than she did all summer with another tutoring company and after 5 sessions she raised her ACT score 5 points !

Everything it helped my daughter alot

Both of my children goes to Huntington Learn center in Lewis Center Ohio location. They have learned so much and had so much fun while doing it. I would recommend it to everyone!

Huntington has been a lifesaver for my daughter. The assessments showed a reading deficiency, and within months, her tutors had increased her reading proficiency and comprehension 3 grade levels. The homework stress ended. Her grades improved significantly. When it came time for ACT prep, there was no question whom we’d trust with our daughter’s future.

The analysis helps you hone in on areas to work

Knowledgeable staff, flexible scheduling. They really want my children to succeed!

Excellent tutoring services for my child. I have seen a huge bump in my childs confidence and skills. My child enjoys coming to Huntington and learning with the instructor. I highly recommend Huntington to anyone needing extra additional boost in their learning skills.

Very hands on. Uses testing to find students strengths and weaknesses. Begins students tutoring level where their strength in a particular subject declines. Rebuilds confidence. Develops testing skills.

The sequential program designed specifically for the student’s needs has been greatly beneficial to my child.

Proven results! Significant improve ment in ACT score.

All the staff are so friendly and easy to work with. Plus they do whatever they can to accommodate our schedule.

Very professional nice and courteous

Columbus, OH
Great customer service. Person was very informative and took the time to answer in detail all my questions ( Lewis Center)

Friendly professional and easy going staff, put you at ease immediately . Taught stress and anxiety management techniques together with using the best approach and tactics to achieve success, resulting in an increase of FOUR points on the ACT exam ! THANK YOU! 👍😀