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1907 West State Road 434
Longwood, FL 32750
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Awesome program!!! Its been very helpful to make good progress at school.

Very professional and very patience with the child and with me the parent with the millions of questions. Everything is in black in white no hidden fees. They make sure that you have an understanding of what your child needs and where he is at grade level and where he needs to be. After testing, an education plan is propose, to show you what would need to happen for your child to achieve his academic goals. The also continues to monitor his progress and always keeping the lessons interesting for the child. My child has gain interest in learning again and enjoy his teachings. I am very happy the service provided.

The staff at Huntington have been great with my child, very patient and understanding. Their educational goals are on task.

Lake Mary, FL
Quality of tutors Consistent feedback on child's progress

My daughter has said all her teachers are fantastic and she is feeling more confident in her new learning techniques

Friendly, knowledgeable staff. They were able to help both of our kids to move forward in the right direction. I can already see a change

Longwood, FL
How you tailor the lessons to my daughter

Sanford, FL
Very friendly and always willing to accommodate!

Excellent tutoring!!

Big improvements in my child’s attitude towards studying and completing homework assignments.

Longwood, FL
The director, Jennifer, was super approachable and quite helpful. My son did not find a connection with his first tutor, so she was very helpful and getting him set up with a different one.

Maitland, FL
Extremely helpful and kind. Makes learning fun and easy

The individual and specialized approach given to Michael I think it's very helpful. Really interested in seeing how this Bears out as far as progress once he's retested but I am optimistic thinking that this is going to be a major Improvement

Lake Mary, FL
Personalized service

Lake Mary, FL
very well educated instructors that are highly qualified in their field.