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My son has been attending Huntington Learning Center for 7 years. I have always been impressed by how the team at HLC teach to each child's skills and abilities. They have taught my son numerous strategies for test-taking as well as homework assignments. They have worked to bring my son's reading ability to grade-level when he was being by two grades. Now that he is a junior in high school, he is receiving SAT/ACT prep. He feels more confident and prepared in doing well on said exams. I would highly recommend Huntington to anyone who has a child that may be struggling in some academic area. The one-on-one instruction is phenomenal!

Very friendly Confused on what my child needs

There is a very positive atmosphere at Huntington. My daughter feels extremely comfortable and is starting to show improvements after just 2 weeks of tutoring.

Thorough and noticed an improvement with my daughter within 6 weeks of going to Huntington

Staff works collaboratively to help your student improve and succeed

My son is beginning to achieve to his ability. He is supported and cared for, Huntington shows the benefits of positive reinforcement paired with individual guidance.

Not just tutoring...Professional advise for college admissions and true expertise in that domain. Also very dedicated staff. Mrs. Strennen went above and beyond expectations for my kids...

Personalized service

Tailored learning for my child’s specific needs

Wonderful staff and tutors who are all patient and very helpful.

Teaching strategies!

Huntington cares! The bottom line is the staff is vested in seeing that your child succeeds. It is better to reward yourself on the front end and invest in the SAT prep course. Henry is amazing per my child because he has helped him with Physics tutoring and has made a difference in his performance. A shout out to James and the entire Huntington staff.😀

You offer alot of services for SAT Prep. In addition to tutoring, I particularly love the on line programs! The on line programs offers testing, quizzes, vocabulary etc. I think its great! Thank you.

The tools to help learn are really good. The progress updates are great too

Pittsburgh, PA
I love Nicole, she’s absolutely amazing

Friendly and diligent.

The staff provides personalized attention to your child's educational needs.

I like everything I have heard so far. Waiting to see how the kids do in this first month.

You are able to work with anybody no matter which level they are on.

The easiness and flexibility of the program. My child has liked all the tutors.