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6661 University Avenue
Middleton, WI 53562
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Middleton, WI
My daughter is feeling confident. My daughter actually wants to go to tutoring. My daughter didn't behave this way before. Now, she feels in control. She feels less fearful of school. My daughter feels powerful for the first time. Huntington has made that happen in a very short amount of time over this summer. Behavioral problems at school we're caused because my child felt insecure and wanted to avoid class. I don't think we're going to be seeing that when school starts again. She sees herself completely differently now. They did testing and identified where she was missing information that was vital to her being able to succeed. They went right into addressing those things to strengthen my child. This is the best investment I have ever made.

Individualized instruction. Very flexible scheduling.

Cross Plains, WI
personalized attention, great feedback

Cross Plains, WI
Huntington really made a difference in study habits and overall success at school. They are willing to help your child on something they are stuck on but mostly help them to catch up on areas they are a bit behind or struggling with. They also give study strategies and help to instill confidence in your child. They truly care!

Cottage Grove, WI
We are all happy with our grandson's new attitude and excitement with learning. He's so proud of himself and his entire family is proud of him!!

Middleton, WI
The one on one tutoring, the interest you take in the student, and the planning for additional time for extra prep before tests

Middleton, WI
The one on one time and teaching my child how to efficiently problem solve has made his grades improve tremendously.

Oregon, WI
Staff is exceptionally professional and kind. Everyone makes my daughter feel at ease in her early learning stages of the program. We're very excited to see her growth and advancement as we dive deeper into the program. Jenni White

Prairie du Sac, WI
My daughter has had a great experience at Huntington. She is learning the missing pieces of math and gaining confidence. I am thankful for Huntington and what she is learning.

Stoughton, WI

Quality instruction. Kids rally enjoyed the instructors they worked with and enjoyed attending.

Madison, WI
My 7 y/o son is very Hyperactive and gets bored easily and just wants to play and was very behind at school , I tried Having Teachers come to my home or 1-2 hours 3 times a week for after school tuition and quickly realized that he was more interested in playing with his toys , Tried meeting teachers at the library / Park and that was even worse , I was starting to believe that he is just not capable of learning , I was looking up on line for private tuition and Made an appointment with Huntington and another well known center . I decided on Huntington because they took about 4 hours to assess my son and came up with a teaching plan , I worried that the 2 hour schedule would be to long for my son who gets bored very easily and he will hate it but to my shock my son really loves it there , they work very well with him and make learning fun for him , my child is now developing confidence because he is reading , still prefers books with pictures but he wants to read ,write and is doing well in maths . The set up is open yet they have private rooms for the 1 :1 teaching that works well for Him and they staff are wonderful and gets him

Waunakee, WI
All around good tutoring.